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    I have recently joined a web ring and was supplied code that would display the web ring links. I pasted the code into a text widget. When I looked at my blog, the links were there and functioning. But the whole thing looked like it didn’t belong. There was a thin border around the links and the font was bigger than on the rest of the blog page and the color of font didn’t look like the rest of the page.

    I am new to this, and I may have used some incorrect terms. Is there any way to alter the appearance of the content of this text widget?



    Please post a link to your blog when you post to the forum so we can see what you are talking about. I believe this is your blog http://williamingram.wordpress.com/
    I see the Baptist Bloggers ringsurf displaying in your sidebar.

    If you want to change the font size – the instructions in the FAQs http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/06/12/can-i-change-my-font-font-size/


    Oops! My apologies. I had intended to include a link to my blog, but obviously failed to do it. I have looked at the link to the FAQs that you provided and that’s more than I want to tackle at this point. Thanks for the speedy answer.



    The webring link has the font coded in, and you can change it in the code (you’ll see where it says “font” and you can change it to the font that you prefer and the size you prefer with a little tweaking). TT has given you the instructions for that. It looks daunting, but remember, all you’re doing is looking for “font=” and changing “Arial” to “Tahoma” or whatever. I’d suggest Times New Roman, but that’s me.


    Thanks for the input, Raincoaster.

    The code that I copied and that created the webring link doesn’t have “font” in it. Am I correct, then, in assuming you mean code that would show up if I paid for CSS control.

    I’m not so much looking to change the font as to make it smaller. It seems out of proportion to the rest of the text on the page – and to get rid of that border around the links. I have seen other pages with this webring links that look very different.



    A css upgrade is not required to change the font http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/06/12/can-i-change-my-font-font-size/
    Please provide a link to the webring link that you like better than the one you have.



    No, no, buying the CSS upgrade won’t help you with that. Can you copy the code and paste it here between backticks for us to look at? Then maybe we can make recommendations.

    Backticks are the little marks on the same key as the ~. By putting one before and one after the code, they allow it to display properly. They look like `


    Here’s the code:

    <table border="0">
    <div style="border:solid 1px #0000aa;padding:5px;">
    <b><a href="http://mainstreambaptist.blogspot.com/">Baptist Bloggers</a></b><br>
    <a href="http://www.ringsurf.com/netring?ring=Baptist_Bloggers;action=addform">Join</a> |
    <a href="http://www.ringsurf.com/netring?ring=Baptist_Bloggers;action=list">List</a> |
    <a href="http://www.ringsurf.com/netring?ring=Baptist_Bloggers;id=770;action=prev">Previous</a> |
    <a href="http://www.ringsurf.com/netring?ring=Baptist_Bloggers;id=770;action=next">Next</a> |
    <a href="http://www.ringsurf.com/netring?ring=Baptist_Bloggers;action=rand">Random</a> |
    <a href="http://www.ringsurf.com/netring?ring=Baptist_Bloggers;id=770;action=prev5">Previous 5</a> |
    <a href="http://www.ringsurf.com/netring?ring=Baptist_Bloggers;id=770;action=next5">Next 5</a> |
    <a href="http://www.ringsurf.com/netring?ring=Baptist_Bloggers;id=770;action=sprev">Skip Previous</a> |
    <a href="http://www.ringsurf.com/netring?ring=Baptist_Bloggers;id=770;action=skip">Skip Next</a>
    <div align="right"><a href="http://www.ringsurf.com/"><sup>Powered by RingSurf</sup></a></div>

    If you look at http://brtom.wordpress.com/ (I didn’t know how to make this url a link yu could use.) you will see an example of what I’m talking about. It’s not that I want to make big changes, but the web ring link at that blog looks like it’s consistent with the look of his whole page, while mine does not. The blue border looks odd and the size of the font looks larger than other text on the page. I hope I’m making myself clear.



    Well, at least now I know how to make a url a link in a reply. Live and learn.



    The difference is his template. The one he’s using automatically formats links in the sidebar to look that way. Yours, it appears, doesn’t do that with tables. I’m sure there IS a way to code that but it’s beyond my meagre HTML skills. Hopefully someone will chime in with some suggestions.

    As an alternative, you could take each of those links and put them each on its own line and title it “Webring” or whatever you like. Then the general formatting of your blog would take over and it would be all neatly fonted.


    Or, I could change themes. I tried another and it worked. <grin>



    Oh, the SIMPLE solution. That’s the one I always try last!


    Or, I could change themes. I tried another and it worked. <grin>


    It’s sort of like my former mother-in-law’s attitude – when all else fails, read the directions. But it is curious that other widgets format text to fit the appearance of the theme while a text widget does not.

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