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Web site Down on Migration of domain to Bluehost

  1. HI Everone,

    This may seem like a redundant question, but honestly, I did no find out answer to my case on any of the threads. Let me explain it here.

    I have a domain registered in ( say which I plan to move to a different host, so I can manage it better. I already have a bluehost account which hosts another blog ( ) which is not related to first blog. So I changed the name servers on blog to point to blue host servers and the its been three days now, the site is still down and just shows a web site that it is a property of blue host.
    Nothing changes. I am not sure if this will take more time to get updated or I have screwed up.

    Also let me know if I can add a new account in bluehost to support this migrated domain ( i.e., ofcourse once the blog is migrated ). I have the back up XML on my machine, ready to be imported once the domain transfer completed.

    Convince me I am doing the right thing. Also whether I would be able to manage both blogs independantly under cPanel.

  2. Did you install software in your Bluehost hosted space? If not, there is no site at the destination the domain is pointing to. If you did so, did you import the contents of your blog into that website? If not, there are no contents on that blog.

    You do not have access to blogs under Cpanel. The two are entirely separate websites, with separate logins and admin accounts.

  3. ( say

    when you do the fake address thing - nobody can help you at all - no way for anyone to check settings etc.

    you need to give ALL the URL's involved before you can get any help

  4. Ok. I guess I haven't done anything on Bluehost account for the new blog. I was waiting for the domain transfer to complete, before I can even install a second in this account to support the migrated domain from The first account supports another active domain. I hope I can install a second account under my bluehost account. Correct me if I am wrong. If I am right, this should be the first step and then importing the XML so as to bring up the site.

  5. When I try to install for the transfered domain, I do not see that in the list drop down, under which the wordpress has to be installed. It displayes only the primary domain in bluehost. What should I do. Will the new domain appear in this list or is it just a subset of the primary domain ?

  6. We cannot help you install in your Bluehost space. That's a wordpress.ORG issue.

  7. Got it. Will contact appropriate support. Normally what will be the wait time for the account to be transfered. Do I get any communication on successful transfer ?

  8. You don't understand. It's up to you to transfer the contents of the account and change the nameservers. Unless you buy the $99 Guided Transfer upgrade, you are on your own with that. We have given you the links to the Support documents

  9. I meant to transfer the contents of the BLOG.

    Accounts are not transferred. Your account at Bluehost is entirely separate from your account here, as we keep telling you.

  10. I think I get it now. Unless I set up wordpress on my host and import the content myself, nothing is going to happen.
    And there is nothing like transfer process as such, but myself setting up the data on the new host.
    Thanks for the clarity. Will do as directed.

  11. Thanks I was able to import the content to wordpress in the new host. I am surprised to find that the themes and widgets are missing.
    Guess I have to configure all those again. All new web site look and feel :-(

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