Webdesign integration – your method?

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    Hello, I have knowledge and experience in (X)Html, CSS and some PHP (I can understand it, but I cannot write it) and decided to learn WordPress. The installing wasn’t really hard and I managed to integrate a design made by me in WordPress.

    My question for you is how can I make WordPress act like a CMS for me and make easier changes in the future?

    If I want a main navigation bar with the following: Home, About, … Contact, how do I accomplish that?
    Do I have to make my own list with links to the pages or should I let WordPress make them from Admin CP?
    How do I add content just to the About page? Can I create a post in my admin or should I enter it manually?

    What is you logistic when you make an entire website in wordpress?

    Thank you for for enlightening me.



    [B]And the most important question: If I need a blog section, how should I approach this? Should I make all of the pages in wordpress or make just that section a match the design?[/B]


    You need to inquire over at http://wordpress.ORG/support/ which is where self-hosted wordpress blogs are supported. We cannot mess with HTML or PHP here at the wordpress.COM free hosting service, so we have little knowledge of it.

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