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webgains removal from links

  1. Can anyone tell me what webgains is or how to remove it from the links on my posts!? I don't want any affiliate links on my blog! Where has it come from and how can I get rid of it?!

    The blog I need help with is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm not seeing any such links on your site, so it may be that you've picked up a browser add-on or adware. Try the suggestions in this post on timethief's (another forum volunteer) website

    If that isn't it, won't you please share the exact URL of a post where you see these links.

  3. Thank you I will try all the things that suggests now and see whether that helps.

    The post where I see webgains redirecting the links is

  4. Hi again, I followed all the steps suggested but it hasn't stopped the links from redirecting to Webgains.

    Now another link has been affected and an Affiliate Window redirection appears before transferring to the correct link site.

    Please can you help me to get rid of these??

  5. I am not sure that this is an adware issue as I have tried to update the links on 3 different devices and each time they look like 'normal' links but when I log out of wordpress and try to view the link, the term 'wordpress redirect' appears in the address bar then a 'Webgains' address, then the link finally opens the original site with a webgains ID attached to the end of the address link.

    Is it something within that is adding these affiliate links to my links? If so, how can I disable it? Please help me if you can :)

  6. I can't understand how the blog is in violation of the Terms of Service - please can you help me and let me know how?
    These unwanted affiliate links appear to be being inserted by WordPress itself - is it adding the redirect to my links because I'm not doing it myself or have I been hacked? Thanks for all your help guys :)

  7. Read the Terms of Service - you have not been hacked - you did it to yourself - per your own words

  8. Apologies for the delay in responding.

    The site is no longer hosted on

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