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    my blog is not reloading on the web and displaying properley please help m

    The blog I need help with is interiordesign360.wordpress.com.


    my web page is not updating, i have cleared cookies and chaches and that doesnt help. can you please check my domain name is linked properly i dont know how to do this. thank you.



    http://interiordesign360.wordpress.com/ looks fine to me. Can you be more specific about the issue you’re having? What is the domain name you own? Have you bought the domain mapping upgrade? What browser and version do you have? When you say it’s not displaying properly, what do you see that is wrong about it?


    hello, thank you for your prompt reply, what is shown on the web is an “oldtheme/ format page” has a black background etc. I now have updated a new theme with information that is white and grey. Over a week ago.
    Is this the one you saw?
    This is the main issue. I can see my new theme (white and grey with new content ) on wordpress, yet when you google it, it comes up as the old black themed page.
    domain name: interiordesign360.com.au
    no upgrade bought.
    use safari 5.1.1
    i also checked on my iphone 5s with i just bought and it comes up wrong on here.
    i also checked chrome and is not working.
    thankyou for checking i appreciate your time. :)



    We have no control over what Google displays in search results. We cannot assist with search engine issues. They are between the blogger and the search engine. http://en.support.wordpress.com/search-engines/

    WordPress.com provides the search engines with site maps. We bloggers do nothing. http://en.support.wordpress.com/sitemaps/

    What attracts search engines is unique content the cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. Start publishing original content now and keep doing so frequently because it can take weeks before indexing will happen.
    For more information read > http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2010/01/21/omg-i-cant-find-my-blog-on-google/


    hello, I still require your help i have left it for a couple of weeks hoping it would fix itself but it hasnt.

    I spoke to cheap domains who hold the domain name as it is working fine and this is not the issue.
    They have uncovered the following;

    normally when i log on to wordpress by just typing wordpress into google search and log it shows the webpage as the “new” webpage as I have designed recently.

    they said to log in by typing this into the browser not “google” :


    And i entered my username and password and i it wouldnt let me log in.
    They sad it was because i have “two wordpress accounts”

    i dont know how this has happened as when i use the original password and username as I always have.

    can you please check this for me?

    thankyou so much.



    Thsoe are two completely separate sites: one is a WordPress.com site, which is working fine, and the other is a WordPress.org site which we cannot help you with. Doubtless you have different logins for each.


    i am confused, i only have one log in.
    and i updated my page and its not working.

    are the cheaper domains confused?

    please help me,



    hello, coud someone please reply to me asap! i have been trying to work out what is happening for ages!!

    i have worked out the following:
    my original page (the black one is built by wordpress which is old now) see link below:

    not correct:

    my new page which i updated is correct and you can see on line – see link below:


    which is the way i need it to look and is the right one.

    my problem is that i have paid for my domain name and would like the correct wepage to read interiordesign360.com.au WITHOUT THE
    ‘WORDPRESS’.COM in it. how do i do this?

    please get back to e urgently.


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