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Webring image code

  1. I've been scrolling through the forum pages and realized I don't know how to classify my question or what tag to choose. Here's the question. I know how to add an image link with its URL on my sidebar (in the create bookmark section). What I don't know how to do is add the code that allows separate clickable links just below it to look like this: previous|join|next. It's for a web ring function. I don't know where to add the additional linking code:
    ";id=1;action=prev"Previous ";action=addform"Join ";action=list"List ";id=1;action=next"Next ""

    I know it can be done because I can see it on another WordPress blog ( Thanks.

  2. Well, looking at the source code of the blog you pointed us at, it says he did it as a text widget. :)

  3. Thanks. :-). I'll give it a try.

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