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    soooo….wondering if there are others out there like me who have been using Webshots to post photos to your blog. They’re moving away from sharing capacity which means every post I’ve created where I’ve linked photos will now be ugly, for lack of a better word. So I’m curious what fellow bloggers are doing about this. Would anyone care to share?

    I doubt there’s a solution other than going into each post and replacing the links. For those that have been using Webshots for years, that’s not practical. I only started my blog this year but still, the thought of doing that is not terribly appealing.

    There are surely other third party photo sharing sites (flickr, shutterfly, photobucket) but what if this same thing happens with those sites? The reason I decided to link to photos rather than upload directly was concerns about storage.

    so….would love to hear what others are thinking of doing. Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is travelswithtoby.wordpress.com.



    The Webshots website is closing and we are currently focused on transitioning our members to the new service.
    Your photo albums are 100% safe, accessible on Smile by Webshots or conveniently saved to your desktop
    We are replacing the Webshots Desktop with the Smile Desktop, a simpler photo screensaver and uploader
    No new photos are being added to Webshots; all new activity will happen on smile.webshots.com
    All Webshots memberships transfer to smile.webshots.com, but accounts must be confirmed before Webshots closes on December 1

    How do I transfer my photos and videos to Smile by Webshots?
    Members’ photos are automatically transferred to the new service.



    This isn’t a WordPress.com issue and we are not allowed to create Discussion threads on these WordPress.com support forums.



    oh sorry, I wasn’t aware. just thought if it happened to me, others might have suggestions. I didn’t mean to break the rules :( My apologies.



    Not to worry and best wishes to you. :)


    Hi tobyo60,

    There isn’t any official plan by us to provide a mechanism to get your pictures over. Your best bet is to download them from Webshots (if you don’t have a local copy already), and then move them over here if you want.

    If you are worried about storage space, we do have space upgrades. ;-)



    ah…that is good to know, thanks!

    I wish there was a copy/paste function that I could use to replace the links. but I’m thinking that’s not possible here.

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