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    I just want to build a website and not a blog

    The blog I need help with is


    One option: you can exclude ‘blog’ content from your site and make it a more static ‘website’ by adding Pages instead of Posts.

    A little info on the difference: Post vs. Page

    The next step would be to create a page and set it as your home page: Front Page

    Of course, the styling of your site and its pages would depend on the theme you choose. Some may be more tailored to the page format than others.

    I don’t see much on your current site to go on, but if you give us some more information about the kind of site you want, we might be able to give you some suggestions.



    thanks for your assistance – pls check out my site

    I now wish to set up a Gallery page with pics that run across the page and a blurb on each pic – its sort of a before & after story.

    Can you help me with this please – also, how can l make the site look better as it won’t be used as a blog.


    No problem, I think once you get a handle on the tools available, you’ll be able to adjust your site the way you want.

    I see you’ve gotten started on the gallery. Have you seen the resource page on how to use the galleries best? This might help out a bit: Gallery

    You’ll want to adjust your menu to the right order, I’m sure. Here are some links to help:
    Advanced Menus
    Custom Menus

    I see you made one blog post. Was that intentional?

    If you do want to add blog posts, you might want to set a ‘blog’ category, and then add that category to your menu as well.

    Or you could create a page including posts in a certain category:
    Category Pages

    I should also point out: right now, your About Us page is showing a blog post in it.

    You probably don’t want all the widget items that are showing up in your sidebar (Recent Posts, Categories, Meta, etc), so here’s how you can adapt that area or remove them altogether:

    Play with all those tutorials, and come back if you have specific questions or areas you’re worried about!

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