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    My Website is not showing anymore and I cannot locate this on my account

    The blog I need help with is


    Hello @gerinoel,
    You site, is marked as private. And therefore it is not publicly visible to everyone.

    If that’s what you are referring too, then you can change the Privacy Settings to Public to make you site visible again.

    Go to My Sites → Settings or just click here: and look for the Privacy Settings. Under that, select Public and click Save Settings.

    Read more about privacy settings here:

    Hope this helps :)


    Your site*


    To change Privacy Settings you must be logged in as an Admin under the same username, which you registered your blog/site with.



    Actually, I had a website under my account. But for some reason it has disappeared! Any ideas, what could have happened to it?



    Infact, the only reason I knew this, is because there was a problem in cleaning the site.


    Your domain( has no website parked, because there is no DNS records/values assigned to it. Were you using that domain for your WordPress.COM site?

    Also i noticed that your domain expired on 16-feb-2017, did you renew it? Because, it looks like it is in redemption period.

    I you did not then i would request you to renew it ASAP, by logging into your registrar’s account, where that domain was registered.

    re: cleaning the site
    Can you give us more details on what you did exactly when you say “cleaning the site“? Did you delete your site or did you empty your site? And what problem did you face while doing it?


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