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website address vs. blog address

  1. korubettoshaiku

    I have seen this sort of question elsewhere but I did not feel satisfied with the answer. The name of my blog address and the name of my website address is different which is confusing. My blog address is but when I go into accounts info in general settings it says that is the website address that people see when I comment in other blogs and in my gravatar profile because, I assume, korubettoshaiku is my username. When I type in in the browser bar, it says the site does not exist as the user has deleted the blog. How could this be so when it still puts it in as the web address in general settings?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. korubettoshaiku

    I should probably be clear about the last paragraph up there. How could this address - - still be appearing as my gravatar and website address when I comment on other blogs?

  3. Upper left corner of this board, hover over the Circle W in the grey toolbar, then select "Settings"

    Under 'Primary Blog', which one is selected?

  4. Also check what's listed beside "Web Address"

  5. korubettoshaiku

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Primary blog is and web address is:

  6. korubettoshaiku

    Also, my OpenID is, if that means anything.

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