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website addy redirects to dot wordpress

  1. I purchased close to 48 hrs ago. When I type this in, it automatically goes to

    Id like it to stay I have been told it can take up to 72 hrs, but believe it should be ready by now.

    I dont want wordpress to be in the internet addy bar when the general public views the site.

    Did I miss a step?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It appears that you did not follow the directions I posted into your other thread. You nned to Update Primary Domain for domain mapping to operate.

    5. To activate your new domain, select the button next to the one you wish to activate and click Update Primary Domain. Your blog will be accessible from both of these domains; the Primary Domain is what actually appears as your domain within the address bar of web browsers. If you do not see your blog at the new domain immediately, please allow some time for the DNS changes to propagate.

    See what Staff said here >

  3. I already purchased the domain ($17/yr). I dont see the button now for "update primary domain."

  4. I see step 5..but I dont know where to go to "update primary domain." Is that somewhere on my dashboard?

  5. Yes it's found here > Dashboard > Store > Domains
    Read the steps from 1 - 4 and that may help you.

  6. it is officially fixed! Done thru the dashboard-finally found the answer!

  7. Yay! That's great news and now the domain name propagation will begin to take place. :) It's already happening. You can watch the progress here >

  8. Thank You. Quick Question..why does it go from to just:

    Not a big deal..just wondering.

  9. Because it's supposed to. There has to be a root blog you domain map from and there has to be a domain you map to. When the domain name change has propagated throughout the internet visitors will see only the domain URLs. You on the admin side of your blog will see the root com blog URLs. That's normal like I explained in my example using my own blog in the other thread.

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