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    I want to start a website as well as a blog. I want the blog accessible on the web site but they would have different names. I have no idea what I’m doing. So if my Blog is LiteraryDC that’s great. But I wanted a website that was in my name– (or whatever the market will allow). Does that make sense. Perhaps I’ve just gone about it backwards by starting the blog before the website. I have a page on an existing website but since I have 2 new books appearing this year I felt it was time to have my own stand alone site.

    If you can steer me that would be great.


    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    That’s possible. You could create them both and link to them (for instance, create a menu item named “Blog” and have it link to other blog, which is on a different address).

    Honestly, the idea is clunky. I recommend sitting down and planning out your long-term strategy for blogging. It will work out best if you planned for both now and the future. Sure, you’ll spend more time up front before you go live. The benefit is that you won’t confuse your readers with a bunch of different websites to go to for your content.

    You may find that you outgrow and end up needing more control of your blog (placing ads and affiliate links, plug-ins, and scripts, for instance). It’s best to plan for this now so you don’t have to worry about switching later when you’ve picked up momentum.

    One of my clients (I’m not looking for a client here) had a similar situation and I worked with her for a few months getting her blogging strategy, identity, and more in place. She now has a coherent web presence.

    Just something to get the wheels turning. You can certainly do as you asked, I just suggest you plan more before starting. It’ll work out better.



    I have a similar query.
    Right now, i have a blog with (dot)wordpress domain name and have pretty good traffic flow. I also have a personal domain name ( just domain name and no hosting) and any one visiting that domain gets redirected to my wordpress blog but with the wordpress domain name hidden.
    Now, I am planning to make my own domain live/active soon, independently, with more contents, and as mentioned above with ads, plug ins so on.
    What i want to know is, is it possible to integrate my wordpress blog into that website. Means, if any one clicks on my and can get re directed to ?
    I just want a sub section of my new website to be my blog and other sections of my website will have other contents. Is this possible?


    Hi shibindinesh,
    Your case is what I mentioned to the original poster. It happens a lot. I always tell my clients to go with first. There’s the tendency for the blogging bug to bite and they expand beyond what .com offers and then they have to plan for what could have been planned for earlier.

    You can definitely do it. There will be some name server updates to handle (not terribly difficult) so that your blog doesn’t uses the domain name and reverts back to the “…” Your main website will have your domain name and you’ll update it with all of your content, plug ins, etc. Make a custom menu item (on the new website) and name it “blog” or whatever you like. Have it link to your blog on When visitors go to your website and click the blog link they’ll be directed back to the blog.

    What I don’t like about this is the lack of visual consistency. Unless you choose the same theme your two sites will look different. Terrible for branding and identity. allows you the freedom to install just about any theme you want. They aren’t likely going to match what you have on the blog. That may or may not matter to you and your visitors.

    I hope that helps!



    The simplest solution to the OP’s question is to just get a website hosted somewhere and use for the blog, mapping it to a subdomain.


    That’s certainly another option. There’s still a lot for hipster61 to factor in since their needs are evolving as they go along…



    “When visitors go to your website and click the blog link they’ll be directed back to the blog.” I want the opposite to happen.
    When visitors go to my blog and click on blog link, i want them redirected to my website/blog. All the articles and reviews I intent to publish, will be published via my blog only. But there are many stuff which i cannot do with my blog / or which will need me to make multiple blogs, and that is why I am moving out to a independent domain and host. But, i just want my blog viewers who reads my reviews and articles, to “read it” in my own domain name, so that, they also, visit my webpage’s other contents. Its more like, making people come to my website, through blog.


    Hi shibindinesh,
    Is your new website going to be built using

    If you build the new website on you can export your ( blog contents and import it to a new blog (with your domain name) on your new website and have subscribers moved over. Is that an option? Or do you want to keep the blog?

    It might read something like



    I am keeping my original blog. And my new website most probably WONT be built on
    There is no question of moving subscribers or anything. My current blog will be exactly like that, except i want it to get redirected to my new websites sub domain. For instance, now my domain name gets redirected to, and what i want is the opposite, my blog need to get redirected to my websites SUB DOMAIN. Everything else, creating post, managing the content everything will be done using itself.
    Let me tell an example.
    Say i type abc in google and the search result gives my blog, in the search result. When some one clicks on link, i need that link to go to
    Simple as that! again, the content of the IS created using itself.



    Sorry for that active (inactive) link….

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