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    I cannot get on to my wp admin site. Have tried changing password and something called WordFence keeps blocking me. Somehow I changed something on this page which seems to have nothing to do with my website. I am lost and cannot get hold of my web designer. I have my own username and password but somehow I got to this page which obviously has nothing to do with my business


    Hi there,

    What is the site URL? Based off of what you are describing, and it appears you’re in the wrong forum. Your site is using the open source software and you need to seek help at these forums:

    These forums are for hosted sites only. If you want to know more about the differences between and you can read this document:




    I have no idea – my web designer who is not giving me answers that help did not ever say if it was .com or .org. I am a tech dope. All is know is to sign in to the admin area I had to go to but now when I go there I get a message from something called WordFence and they tell me that they have sent new instructions to my email that will disappear in 30 minutes but they also tell me that I am not recognized by them even though I am the owner of the site, the theme and all of the other plugins.

    Our URL is and it is




    That is a self-hosted site, which we really can’t help with here.

    To clear up any confusion, and are two different entities: has complete documentation for self-hosted/installed versions of at and support at

    And, you can reach WordFence support at

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