Website Description for google – how do I make one?

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    Could anyone tell me how to make a website description for google etc of my blog? At the moment nothing shows up and I can’t figure out how. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    You have an ‘About’ page, although you have named it ‘Home’, so i’m not sure what you are asking. Google decide for themselves what they show in previews. Do you mean Google has not indexed anything? That’s because you have pages and not posts, and very few of them too. Google pay less attention to pages than posts, and it can take a weeks (sometimes months) for Google to index a site properly. You need to blog a lot more, and perhaps have an ‘About’ page with the correct title.


    The website it coming up high on the google search, so that is fine. I thought it possible to have a description of the site come up with the title of the website? If not, thats fine. Thanks for the reply anyhow!


    As i said you can’t really predict what Google will use, but if you use the tagline under the header title, they will usually use that, so a descriptive tagline would be something you could try.



    We cannot access metadata and edit it on this multiuser blogging platform. That’s why the URLs, Blog Title and Tagline we choose to use are very important for bloggers to put a lot of thought into. Though we cannot dictate what Google displays we do know that when the combined character count of the Blog Title and Tagline including spaces exceed 70 characters Google will algorithmically determine what’s displayed.
    See here > I have tested this more than once and with more than one blog and when I did not exceed the character count Google displayed what I wanted to be displayed.


    Thanks so much, that is all really helpful.



    You’re welcome.

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