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    I just found out that the blog I had here has disappeared. I had created a website using this site in 2010. Is there a way to bring my website back? I had placed over 1,000 pictures, biographies and history regarding our not-for-profit organization. Please Help! The website’s url was

    I know that the domain name is current as I had just renewed it.



    It looks, however, like you did NOT also renew your domain mapping upgrade, which is the one that attaches that URL to your blog. The blog should still be here, but under its original URL, something of the form so see if you can find it there.


    WOW! That was quick! Thank you so much for your assistance…. now, I know I have the original url somewhere… just can’t find the file at the moment. What happens if I cannot locate the original url? Is there someone who can help me on the wordpress side to locate it?



    If you can remember the email you used to sign in, then you should be able to try signing in and hit Lost Password and it will email a new password link to that email.

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