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    We have recently redirected our blog to however when we try to view this site it is still showing as under construction. I can see that the is redirecting properly but the blog is not showing under the new domain name.
    Can you please let me know how to resolve this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you moving off WordPress.COM to your own host with a WordPress.ORG install? If so your install of WordPress.ORG is not set up correctly. And you need to make friends over at WordPress.ORG

    Or Were you trying to replace (map the domain name ) to your WordPress.COM blog here? If so you have purchased the wrong upgrades


    We are trying to replace to Does this mean we have purchased the wrong thing? Are you able to advise me of what the correct purchase needs to be? Your help is very much appreciated as we have been at a standstill with this for a few weeks now.



    If you want to be displayed when they visit your blog you want domain mapping not what I think you did with Site Redirect – see the instructions below for the instructions

    You need to cancel the Site Redirect (I think that is what you bought) at

    Dashboard Store >> My Upgrades >> there is a 30 day refund window for that –

    I have added a zone record for which you also need –

    I will also flag this for staff attention in case you have trouble canceling the old upgrade


    Thank you very much for your help. I will sit down and have a look over it all tonight



    You be welcome & good luck


    Hi, sorry to bother you again, but we have now cancelled the redirect as advised and we do have active domain mapping to however it is still no working. Are you able to help us out further with what to do next to make it work?
    Thank you very much!



    Domain Helper shows that you have set things correctly – what’s my DNS shows that propagation has started:

    But the changes have not made it all the way to the far corners of the internet – it can take 24 to 72 hours for changes to take effect completely but changes usually start after a few hours and due to caching issues you will be the last one to see the changes

    At this point patience is advised since you made the changes a few hours ago


    Fingers Crossed. I really appreciate your help, Thank you!


    Just a quick one, it is still coming up as under construction. Is that normal or should i have been active by now?



    Something is not right – I have flagged this for the staff to help – they have access to tools I don’t have –


    Thank you very much for your help, hopefully they can sort this out for us.



    It seems you have multiple name servers set, including ones from a different hosting. Please make sure that you remove all other name server records and only use these below:


    Let us know if you have any questions!

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