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    I bought the site and whenever I enter it, I get redirected to

    How do I set up my wordpress page so that consumers will not be redirected and only see Thanks for your help


    What you currently are doing is domain forwarding. You need to purchase the Domain Mapping upgrade here at , then change the DNS entries through your domain registrar.



    I read through the link you sent. Thank you. The problem that I am still having is that I own my domain name through I have changed my nameservers to,, and and have removed the old nameservers. DNS has been propagated and have verified it once again by using

    On my blog I have gone to Options > Domains and entered my domain name in the box, purchased 10 credits for $10 and added the website to my blog.

    The problem that I am still having is that I can enter the domain name I purchased but after it is entered it changes to when I want the blog to always have the address

    I am not very good with computers so I may be missing a step somewhere, but I really need detailed help in solving this problem.



    Hi again. Remember how I said that I am not good with computers and am an idiot? Yeah…so I just figured it out. Thank you so much for your help! Basically, I didn’t realize that I needed to click on the link once the domain is listed in that box. Again, thank you again!!!


    You’re welcome. I’m glad you got it working. :-)

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