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    I was doing some work on entry forms this morning and once I saved and reloaded, I had an error saying that the site was no longer available due to a violation of Terms of Service. I tried using the contact link from my dashboard but haven’t had a response or acknowledgement that it’s been received.

    The only think I can think of that caused this was that I used some text boxes to act as a password entry – I’m using WordPress to make an initial mock up site.

    I’ll happily take these down and change them or if there is another, non-breaching , preferred method to doing please let me know. First though, I need my site to be made available so I can make the changes

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi kiddykinetics!
    As your site is suspended, the only way to get help for it is using this form here:

    That is the only way to get in touch with the team. They would contact you back via Email. This forum does not help for Suspended blogs.
    Be assured you would be reverted back after you fill out the form.


    Thank you for your help and your quick response pavanraheja. That form wasn’t made an option on the error screen I received on my Dashboard. The link defaulted to

    I’ve submitted the Suspended Blog form so now I’ll just wait and twiddle my thumbs in anticipation

    Thanks again


    Good Morning –

    We won’t be able to fix this up via the forums. If you go to your site address, you’ll see the link that pavanraheja referred to. Please wait for our staff to reply to your submission via email.

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