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  1. The website hit counter has stopped working. I did not change a thing, it just stopped displaying digits. I wonder why this would occur? I did a copy and paste of the original HTML and only the HTML data is displayed, not the hit counter.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We cannot use JavaScript hit counters on free hsodted blogs. See here > blog stats widget >

  3. edit: "hsodted " was meant to be "hosted" sorry :(

  4. thank you for the reply. strange, the web counter has been working fine for the last year and then it suddenly stopped working. I was curious as to why it changed. Is it possible to have a hit counter on a WordPress site?

  5. Hi there ve7rox, as Timethief said, no, you can't have an HTML / JS hit counter on your website, but you can use a WordPress Widget ( Blog Stats Widget ) as given in the link. Here are my instructions below.

    I have a free WP site and a WordPress provided stats counter. Go to Dashboard then to Appearance then to Widgets. There, in the options, you should see "Blog Stats". Click on "Blog Stats" and drag it over to the right and position it in the column on the right (which shows up on every page) in the order within the column you would like it to appear, e.g. at the bottom of the column. Then, if you want to, click on the little gray arrow next to Blog Stats and type in a caption / title for the field, e.g. Number of Views of this Site."

    You can see it in action on my WP site, if you like. Hope this helps.

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