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Website information- not sure. Help.

  1. My website is shut off, I'm not sure if WordPress shut it off or it's being hacked. Is it due to none-payment?
    Someone please reply, I can't access my site.
    Do I pay every month or every year?
    Blog url:

  2. Pay for what? There is no charge unless you have some type of upgrade.

  3. I see your site, Ismatkushev.

  4. @Ismatkushev
    I am in Canada and I can view your site. Are you concerned that others may not be able to view it?

  5. Please try logging in directly to your own blog by using the secure https://log-in

  6. i am having a similar I can get into my site but not as an administrator. I have managed to get in somhow by using 2 computers but the log in page wouldnt allow me to enter my details. I would like to know if this is becuse I'm using an old theme - 2004 and havent upgraded anything or if its at wordpress end. thanks timethief, i'll try the secure log in page you suggest too.

  7. I have purchased a domain and that's what I pay for. How can I view my billing information, how long I have left and when I have to pay for it again?

  8. dashboard—>store–>my upgrades
    That should show the info you want.

  9. ismatkhushev, your domain is good through January 16, 2013.

    telaf, what is the URL of the site you're referring to?

  10. reply to Macmanx my URL is the web address? its I havent used a personal domain as I'm not very good with these things, also the site is a lost and found site for animals and once I had advertised it I didnt want to change things. thanks for replying

  11. You're still and administrator on

    Can you access the Dashboard directly at ?

    If not, please try clearing your browser's cookies and cache:

  12. thank you Macmanx, the log in page works (yes I had already cleared cache and cookies when I first had the problems - WordPress advised of this on one of their support pages), When I searched log in page for wordpress (yesterday) it brought this up and maybe its old but it wont allow you to put your cursor anywhere (looking at it its not even a wordpress site - hmmm now I feel really dumb ;-) Anyway when I went into the site the normal way I managed to get in this morning and I have saved the log in page you have sent me so thanks very much for all your help, lets hope I don't keep having problems. your help is much appreciated. wordpress is such a big site these days its a bit confusing to find my way around.

  13. That's just the log in page for that specific WordPress blog. It's self-hosted and not a blog, which means that it has its own log in system and users, not connected to us.

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