Website is not loading, only a blank page appears – is the site down today?

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    Website is not loading, a blank page appears.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    to further clarify – I am mapping the address to my domain name This address is where the problem is. loads fine. I checked with to see if it was a problem on their end, but they say everything looks fine.



    I have exactly the same problem with a domain forwarding hosted at Godaddy to our wordpress blog wich is working fine. It has work fin during more than 5 years but since today it is not working anymore.
    If you find an issue Thank you to share it.



    I have just talk with go daddy how told me to stop the url masking :-( beacause it breacks the domain forwarding ?



    I removed the ‘masking’ feature in So now the domain name is only forwarding. This update took about 20 minutes to take affect, but it works now. I believe this is a temporary fix because I want the masking capability.

    To clarify my findings,
    My wordpress website is:
    The actual domain name I use is: I use to ‘mask’ the true website and replace it with my actual domain name. Essentially, this removes ‘wordpress’ from the web address. For some reason, the masking feature is not working so I temporarily disabled it. This seems to allow my website to load properly (except that ‘wordpress’ now appears in my web address).



    We can’t guarantee that masking will always work properly. If you want to direct a domain to your blog, I recommend mapping it:

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