website link change didn’t take effect. please help.

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    Hi, I’m still trying to get my head around wordpress. But I can’t seem to find how can I change the website link when someone click on my name (if I leave a comment or something like that). I want the username to link back to my wordpress page, but instead, it goes to my other website outside of wordpress. I have changed my “website url” on user option… but it’s still not doing anything. I might’ve done something wrong but don’t know what. Could someone please help me? Thank you.



    I think it’s in Users -> Your profile.

    When I hover over your username above it points to Is that where it’s supposed to point?


    Like cornell says your username is linked to your blog if this is it



    oh really?? that’s awesome! The last time I checked which was just before I posted this question, it still pointed to my other website outside of wordpress (and it’s been like that for days), but I’m glad it’s doing it right now. Thanks a lot!! :)



    Yup it’s working like a charm.

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