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Website Loading Very Slowly For Days

  1. rubbisheatrubbishgrow

    Hello, my website has been loading very slowly for days. Is there a problem with WP server?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there. WordPress has several hundred servers and backup servers, and the status page doesn't show any problems. See:

    More likely the problem is with your connection. Try resetting your router or modem. Clearing your browser cache can also sometimes help:

    Also make sure that you're using one of the browsers and versions listed here:

  3. rubbisheatrubbishgrow

    Hello Kokkieh,

    Thanks for the help. I've tried clearing my cache and cookies. My router is working fine, other sites load quickly. I've tried on Safari and Chrome, and they both present the same problems.

    Do you have any other ideas? It has been a week, and it's very frustrating.

  4. People in Northern Europe are reporting a huge internet slowdown. Apparently everyone is farting around on FB or something, and it has caused serious problems. Contact your ISP to see if you were affected.

  5. rubbisheatrubbishgrow

    But other sites load fine. Only my site is slow. Is it still an ISP problem?

  6. It could still be an ISP issue, yes. It appears some ISPs in Europe and Asia are blocking WordPress sites for various reasons, which could be affecting you as well.

    Here's a related thread:

    I suggest you try the advanced troubleshooting described by the staff member there.

  7. rubbisheatrubbishgrow

    Thanks Kokkieh! You're a great help. I'll email my ISP and see what's going on.

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