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    My WordPress page looks great on Firefox and Safari, however, it does not look great on Internet Explorer. It changes the formatting and the paragraphs are leaking out. I am using a free template and I have not upgraded the WordPress to pro.

    Can you help a lost wordress guy!

    The blog I need help with is



    What version of IE are you using? I’m using IE9 and it looks exactly as it does in Chrome. No paragraphs leaking out and formatting looks fine to me, taking into consideration that I don’t know what you think the formatting is supposed to look like. Here’s a screenshot in IE9 and in Chrome17



    Are you using a desktop editor?
    there are a couple unusual Html tags.

    go into your dashboard and folllow left column–> setting–> writing

    check the box next to “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically


    Go back and open the page editor to the page above and click update.

    hope that works.
    your page renders fine in my Firefox 10.1 BTW.



    I agree with justjennifer,(who posted at the same time)
    but if it is really important to for the pages to look perfect in older versions of I.E… then try the automatic nesting correcting feature.



    quiet frankly,
    it looks fine in my IE 8.



    Hey guys thanks for the all the input. My work does not run the lates version of IE, this is why Im trying to correct his issue.

    Dlager I tried your advice and made the changes, however, it didnt work. (Is their a lag time for the settting to kick in?)

    Here is a screen shot: IE Screen Shot



    I checked using IE8 on windows XP and there is no problem. Surely your work cannot be running IE7 or IE6. If they are then those versions are not supported and have not been supported for a long time now. I suggest you inform your employrer of the realities re: no support for outdated browser versions and see if they won’t let you install a browser that operates well like Firefox 10.0.2.



    No lag time.

    seeing your snapshot i think our differences in IE 8 are maybe due to screen sizes.

    It looks like your text is protruding passed a table cell that was inserted into the page on the right side.

    this is the table cell code that is on the right side with text:

    <td xmlns="" width="62%">

    perhaps another volunteer knows how to fix the code the problem for your internet 8 view.
    Internet Explorer 8 doesn’t support the HTML5 table code.


    Bingo, I think the table code you’ve added to your site is just not interpreted well by Internet Explorer.

    One workaround would be to put in the content without the table html. Alternatively, you could use one of the Chateau layouts with the sidebar and put the photo and links in the sidebar instead of inside table html. If you want to keep the table html and also have it look good in Internet Explorer, you will need to adjust your html accordingly, either with different percentages or different width values.

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