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    I’m new to WordPress. Could I make a website out of this program, or is it more of a blog thing? I know it’s a stupid question! Thanks!



    It is a bit of both. While it is a blog, you can treat it as a website. It’s not a stupid question, I had the same one. Here is an example of a way someone could treat it like a website:

    strong Online Game updated! strong

    I have just updated the clothes and armor in our online game! Go check it out on the Play now page!

    – Creator.

    In that example, someone who made an online game through Flash put out an update for his players through the front page, redirecting them to the Play Now page to see the updates.



    by using pages, rather than posts, you can easily build a website. My university uses wordpress as a content management system, and over 40 different units have websites running on wordpress.

    You do need to pay attention to the parent-child relationships when structuring the arrangement of your pages.

    Does that make sense?



    Hi koexpress,

    I’m a professional photographer and up until I discovered WordPress, I struggled immensely trying to have content on my own domain. For years, I used Frontpage to “lay” some content onto my web page and it was hell. A web developer who offered to help improve my site eventually gave up because I couldn’t make up my mind how and what I wanted. When I started using WordPress, there was a bit of learning curve—you could say I went from zero to hero and I’m extremely happy where hosted SHIMWORLD blog is today thanks to the wonderful team who works hard to give us an excellent blogging platform.

    As a web site, SHIMWORLD blog is self-managed and very easy to use. As a blog it reaches out to millions of readers worldwide and together, it’s the best of both world in terms of reach, usability, professional look and feel and very empowering—I love having the freedom and control of its content without needing to learn about web publishing and most of all, a forum of very helpful people as and when you need it.



    I have had a website for years, changed many times to be sure. I thought it might be interesting to look into having a blog. I have persued countless attempts and spent countless hours trying to understand and establish a blog that is viewable or even reachable from my website. permits itif I enterr the rcss feed or something like that. I guess I make no sense at all because I can’t find anyone to point me in the right direction. All help appreciated. Charlie



    WP was originally created as a blogging software, but it’s definitely developed into much more than that. There are a great many websites that utilize it as more of a CMS than a blogging software. My website (Gentle Wit) is powered by WP and there’s more there than just a blog . . . or there will be once I actually finish putting it all up. :)




    this is exactly the same question I want to ask! glad I found it before spamming the forum.. Just to expand the request for help – can anyone point me in the direction of templates/themes that are more suitable for “websites” not blogs ie either don’t have or you are able to turn off categories, archives, blogrolls etc..

    many thanks for your time.



    You don’t have to use categories if you don’t want, and if memory serves, they don’t apply to pages anyway. Just take the widgets out of your sidebar if you don’t want those things showing.

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