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    Hi. I’m thinking of switching from Blogger to WordPress, but I’m confused about some stuff. For one thing, if one has a blog on, is there any need for the application downloadable from I see a lot of documentation on .org, but is there some kind of “getting started” for the .com hosting? I hope this makes sense. Thanks for your help.



    If you are used to Blogger and its ability to modify style sheets, add hit counters etc in the sidebar (and hundreds of themes to select) I would advise purchasing a domain and host on an outside source using software.

    At some time in the future there will be a few modifications allowed with but not all will be offered for free. Here are the FAQ’s for



    So it’s kind of like typepad in that sense. Uhh the main topic is the wordpress software.

    Yes, you can run wordpress server side as an application. The blogs you see here are what’s spit out client side via wordpress. is a site that hosts wordpress…with a few modifications.



    The article on the WordPress Codex for WordPressMU features a lot of references and information for users, as does the FAQ blog.

    There have also been many articles comparing Blogger, Typepad, and other services to and the full version of WordPress. A search will turn up tons of them.

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