Websites copy-pasting WordPress posts without permission

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    I did a search with my wordpress user id “funnyphuppo” on Google, and I came across a website ( that had published one of my recent posts without my permission, or without informing me, and without providing a link back to my original post on wordpress. Here is my original link from my page:
    My Post

    And here is the one from the website

    When I investigated this website further, I saw that they have more or less created a magazine of blog posts from users of WordPress. There does not seem to be even a single original entry. They are probably pulling in a decent amount of ad revenue, since they have a dozen links to ads on each page. But what gets to me the most is that they do not even have the decency to provide a link back to the writer’s original blog, so they can at least benefit to some extent from the traffic generated by this website.

    Has the WordPress support team seen this website before? Is there anyway you can negotiate with this website to at least be fair to us bloggers?

    Am avidly awaiting your feedback.

    Thanks a lot.

    The blog I need help with is



    Sadly, content theft can happen to any publicly published site, but we do have some recommendations for what you can do at

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