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Websites that promote your blog

  1. I just checked into zimbio. And signed up for it. I hope that wasn't a mistake. :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm trying to find some good sites as well. I had signed up at zimbio as well but don't really bother with it.

    I'm actually focusing more on trying to get followers on Twitter by targeting users who post things similar to a story I may post.

    Ultimately, you need to get ranked high up in Google to get real exposure and that takes quality backlinks to your blog. It sucks that blogs are NoFollow, which means comments you make with your blog address don't get picked up by Google. I rank much higher in Yahoo and Bing than Google.

    Guest posting is also a very good way to get exposure, but that can tough to crack into if you don't know anyone.

  3. I have not heard of zimbio.. will check it out!

  4. lettershometoyou

    How does Zimbio work for promoting your blog?

    First impression is it's a celebrity blog. As soon as I see the name Kardashian, I click away.

  5. I don't know what that is, but someone has signed up my Twist of Hate blog to that. And I used to be lucky to get a few readers a day for that blog, I have 165 views today alone, though from what I can see no one actually reads my posts. Pretty pointless really.

  6. Alphainventions has a love/hate relationship with The views as such tend to be bounces. You can search:


    and see. He means well.

  7. I asked alphainventions to remove mine and it seems they have done so very promptly. I have to say it was a bit of a mystery, as while WP registered a lot of hits to my home page, as they did when I got a lot of hits from somewhere else (I forget where now) yet Sitemeter records visitors reading multiple pages - I never did get to the bottom of it, I just gave up.

    I signed up for BlogCatalog but I think unless you pay, it isn't much of a source of visitors.

    Technorati has perhaps brought me two visitors in 10 months.

    Twitter has brought a few of late.

    Google brings me visitors every day and growing.

    Pete - if you get a visit with only 1 page view, they may read that and nothing else - services like Sitemeter allocate a 0 visit time to any visit that only reads 1 page, even if they stay for 5 minutes reading it and then come back another time - so it is difficult to tell what is happening half the time!

  8. I was wondering how efficient and helpful these sites were. It doesn't appear they bring all that much to the table...?

  9. @lettershometoyou

    First impression is it's a celebrity blog. As soon as I see the name Kardashian, I click away.

    I'm with you. I checked out that site and my answer was "no thanks".

  10. @kennethmarkhoover
    They don't bring much traffic. Most, if not all require reciprocal links They make money from advertising. They need lots of bloggers to submit their sites and lots of ad clickers to make the money wheels go round. Be very cautious about which sites you submit your blog to.
    Backlinks from blog directories: What is their actual value?

  11. Did anyone else notice TimeThief's ?

    I read the aticle TimeThief highlighted today and then when I got home, lo and behold Google are busy giving me browser messages about expand the use of the +1 rating button.

    Certainly sounds like it is about to become more important.

  12. Yes. God help them, they are DESPERATE to water down the morons in G+ posting one cool picture with the word "cool" appended. PLEASE facilitate people posting links to your good content in G+, because right now there's a lot of crap there.

  13. I still haven't really looked at G+. I suppose I should check it out if and when I can find the time.

    Most of my traffic comes from search engines, but there's some from StumbleUpon, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook.

    As far as traffic that results in actual reading and commenting, niche community sites work better for that. From those, there are linkys, which I know are frowned upon by some people, but if you have a solid community, they work.

  14. Well, lets not get confused between Google Plus and the Google +1 button - entirely different things!

  15. @Raincoaster - I'm not overly impressed with Google Plus at all.

  16. @Momfog - linkys? Me ---> confused............ which is not hard at the moment........

  17. Just before I go to bed - let's be a little more specific.

    What I was getting at, I think, after I read the blurb Google insisted I read when I logged onto my computer, we should all start using Google +1 rather than the WP "Like" (or both together) if we want to support our fellow bloggers, otherwise we may never appear in Google searches ever again! LMAO

  18. Linkys are blog memes. "Link your _____ post here" kind of things. You post and read the other posts and leave comments and they return the favor. Wordless Wednesday is one of those. Find a blog hosting one, link up, and there you go.

  19. I'm confused (which is not unusual!) , are you saying that adding the google +1 button to your posts could potentially get you ranked higher in google if a reader clicks on it?

  20. YES. Teh Goog is crafty that way.

  21. Haha :) Yes, yes they are.

  22. Has anyone noticed StumbleUpon seems to have slowed down since they changed their site? I used to Stumble posts and every once in a while one of them would get 500+ hits, but since they changed, nothing I Stumble seems to get more than 2 or 3 hits from the recommendation.

  23. @teamoyeniyi
    The restructuring of the stumbleupon site led to an exodus.

  24. That explains it! I answered their little survey and said I didn't like the changes at all.

    Seems I wasn't the only one!

  25. Very sad. Stumble was amazing.

  26. I'm still hanging in there at stumbleupon but many left and others are not using their accounts at this point in time.

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