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    Hi, I have subscribed with Weebly that came with a year domain, and my domain with them would expire in October this year.

    I would like to change from Weebly to WordPress for my site, and I would like to know:

    1. How it would affect my plan with WordPress since WordPress also offer a year domain and I plan to use the same domain for WordPress, but my current domain has yet to expire.

    2. How it would affect my SEO since google has already crawled my site and the search result would show my site first in the list if certain keyword is entered.

    Please help, thank heaps.

    The blog I need help with is leelawchamberscom.wordpress.com.



    1. When you transfer your domain to a new registrar, one year is added to any time you have left. So if you were due for expiration in August 2019 and transferred now, the registration would be extended to August 2020.

    2. Let us know which links you’re concerned about and we’ll let you know whether they would transfer well. Can you send a link to a page that’s been well indexed?

    Also, we have a guide for importing Weebly sites here: https://transferto.wordpress.com/weebly

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