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Weekly and Daily Digest Email Subscriptions

  1. Weekly and daily digest email subscriptions are currently not working. We are looking into this, and will update this thread as soon as we have more information.

    In the meantime, please switch to immediate emails for any missing subscriptions, or check your Reader for posts from those sites.

  2. I do not know if this is connected, but I am subscribed to News blog and my instant subscription email stopped working after August 19th's post. I have tried unsubscribing and resubscribing, as well as subscribing from different emails (when logged out), but to no avail. Nothing received. I'm using gmail for my subscriptions.

  3. To answer the obvious questions: I have checked spam (continuously) and I am not using the newest style of gmail inbox that sorts your mails automagically into categories.

  4. Thank you. One of my followers tried unsubscribing and resubscribing, thinking the problem was on her end, but now cannot re-subscribe, even to get immediate emails. She doesn't get the confirmation email, perhaps because she used to subscribe.

    Is there any way in Dashboard that I can "force add" her email address to receive emails of my posts? Thank you.

    My blog is

  5. @eurello even my Support forum subscriptions are now blocked as of yesterday. Is it possible that Google has blocked emails? Nothing in spam, they just aren't showing up any more.

    I am still receiving comment notifications for my sites and new post notifications for other sites I follow.

  6. However, I seem to receive emails about everything except new comments and posts...

  7. Same problem here. Nothing is getting out and nothing is getting in. I've read that you can use a plug in the overcome the issue but as it was working fine before I would prefer to have the issue repaired at their (WordPress) end rather than just by passing it.

  8. What's the progress on the issue. It usually doesn't take WordPress more than a few days to fix a problem. At least a descriptive update would be helpful.

  9. dandelionsalad

    The last email subscription I received was on Aug. 18th.

    I do hope this gets resolved quickly.

  10. @dandelionsalad- is your email also hosted on gmail? Exactly which email subscription do you refer to? Was it to the News or a different site?

  11. @justjennifer I don't think it's a mail service issue as my search across the interwebs shows this isn't the first time this has happened with a number of hosts and on both the WP and Buddypress platforms. My email is hosted on hotmail (I know, I know, but I've had it forever). I have 2 blogs and I have this problem with both of them. I went to instant updates for the blogs I'm subscribed to (my inbox is now a mess). But I haven't bothered at this point to post anything else on either of my 2 blogs as there's no guarantee it's going to get out. Unless someone complains, if you have a small readership (as I do) the only way you're going to know if people aren't getting your digest is if suddenly there aren't any comments or likes on your posts. Until it becomes more evident and a greater amount of users become aware and speak up this may not be a priority issue for WP.

  12. From what I've seen, daily digests and weekly digests are what are not working. You may want to post or email your followers and ask them to temporarily switch their settings from getting a digest to getting immediate emails of new posts. That's the only thing that's working for me. What a pain. I greatly prefer the digest format.

  13. dandelionsalad


    No, I don't use gmail.

    This is about all blogs that I follow and my readers who follow my blog.

    I post too many blog posts per day to suggest to my readers to switch to the individual posts setting.

    I follow several other blogs via the daily digest, so haven't received the email newsletters from those blogs either since August 19, 2013.

  14. I am not sure if this falls into this category. Currently, when I post on my blog an email gets sent to my followers but the whole post shows up in the email. I have received emails from a couple of bloggers that just includes the name of their blog as the subject line and in the body it just includes a link to the post instead of the actual post being in the email. Does anyone know where or how I can set this up?

  15. @msnaysay Indeed that isn't the issue here. That being said perhaps the email digests you receive that only have links have chosen to have a summary in their feed rather than the entire text of the post. I'm not sure if that is correct though as I've not chosen that option myself.

  16. Suddenly, I've stopped receiving email posts from bloggers I subscribe to. How do I fix this problem?

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  17. dandelionsalad

    The problem is even if we post a new blog stating that the digest is not working, those signed up will not be notified.

    How many views have we lost due to this error?

    I'm thoroughly frustrated (again).

  18. I did stopped receiving notification of my own post. I just posted a new one and did not get an email notification at my primary email, even thought I am subscribed to follow and have always received new post notifications before. Also, for the last few weeks I have stopped receiving notifications at my work email, with which I also subscribed to follow, as a backup/to make sure everything shows up properly.

    I have verified my 'discussion' setting, everything is set up correctly.

  19. I was just about to unsubscribe, but when I saw Annabelle's post, I decided not to. I am constantly recieving emails on my backup email but on my primary email I am often receiving too, but sometimes I'm not! I also sometimes dont receive emails about comments... Though i get emails about followers and likes! Very strange! And, agreed, it's taking Automattic a long time to sort this out! Frustrating to say the least...

  20. chrisbjwordsandimages

    Is there still no progress on this issue? It's very frustrating for all of us.

  21. Hi everyone - we're still working on this, and we'll update this thread as soon as there's a solution. To be clear, this known issue affects daily digest and weekly digest subscription emails only. If you are having any other problems with your subscriptions, please contact support about that, as it's likely unrelated.

  22. We have been hearing some reports that some immediate notifications are also affected.

    We recognize that notifications are important to our users. Our developers continue to investigate the cause for any intermittent notification failures.

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