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Weekly Digest rather than Daily for RSS Subscribers?

  1. I have a question from an email subscriber to my blog (rss feed)....

    Is there any way to do a weekly (or bi-weekly, or even monthly) digest of the new items on my blog... rather than a daily email every time there is a new item?

  2. Not with RSS feeds as far as I know. There are a large number of commercial applications that will do that, though; they subscribe to your feed and then send that out to a pre-assigned list. I think my roommate uses Flump...don't ask me where he got it. Cost $50.

  3. Wow...

    I use Feedburner for my email subscriptions....

    But there must be some web-based service that do it automatically... for free.... send out the feed.... or an email digest... weekly, or bi-weekly.... for free...


  4. Not as far as I know.

    My roomie clarifies: he uses Follow Up Mail Processor, from

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