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Weird avatar icons next to Comments

  1. I am seeing these strange avatar icons next to comments by people who do not have a defined avatar. They are strange geometric designs and bright colors. Frankly, it looks terrible on my blog and I would like to know if there's a way to not have it happen.

    Here's a screenshot of what's happening:

    Or you could just see it for yourself on my blog (look over in the right column at the "recent comments" section):

  2. On the dashboard, go to Settings > Discussion, scroll down, and change the default avatar options. That'll take care of it.

  3. Thanks!

    I have gone to the settings as you said, but it already had "Mystery Man" checked. So I checked it again and hit save, now NOTHING is showing up for avatars, not even for people who have them.

    What gives?

  4. OK, I figured that out, but now in my "Authors" section, it isn't displaying avatars.

    I have these settings checked:
    Avatar Display -- Show Avatars [x]
    Maximum Rating -- X Even more than above [x]
    Default Avatar -- Mystery Man

    But it still isn't displaying my authors' avatars.

  5. soumisdemadames

    If someone has found the solution, I'd like to know it too!!!!!!!
    I've chosen Mystery Man for unknowed/unblogged people, not for friends and myself!
    But even my own avatar has disappeared, in my blog and others too :-(
    Strange : my avatar is always showed in my "profile administration".

    Help!!!!! :-)

  6. soumisdemadames

    And why does it appear here and never on blog????????????????????????????

  7. Mine doesn't even appear anywhere at all...

    Somebody, please, save me...

    I uploaded an image of my cute face for hundreds of time this afternoon. Uploading was successful but where's my face?!

  8. yellaojrak, I can see your avatar now. It just takes a while for it to propagate through the system.

  9. Oh, really? How do i look?

  10. I still don't see it...

  11. Now I see me.


  12. oh, no... I turn into a mystery woman again...

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