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    Hi, I have found a couple of weird behaviours of the Gallery used by my theme (Piano Black). For the first time I’ve inserted into a post a gallery containing images previously uploaded (and used in other posts galleries).

    Now, mi gallery sows up correctly in the post here:

    But once you click on a image if you try to navigate the images with next/previous links, you’ll see all images in galleries where the images included in the actual gallery were previously included.

    The code for the included gallery looks ok, and lists just the images seen in thumbnails:
    [gallery ids="884,807,811,793,895,718,713,679,744"]

    Also, if I remove the description from under an image in this gallery, it is also removed from the instance of the same image included in the previously created gallery.

    There’s a way to make a gallery cutting every relationship to the other ones where the pictures were previously included, or have I to upload duplicates of these images to have the gallery behave as a new, independent one?

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    This is the result when you’ve chosen to link your Gallery images to Attachment pages. In order to avoid this behavior, you will want to enable the Photo Carousel in your Dashboard>Settings>Media. See here:

    There is only one instance of each image in your Media Library, so when you make changes to it in one place, it affects all other places where the image appears. If you want different information to appear on each image, you are correct that you would need to upload a new copy of that image.



    Thank you. This is not what I’d like to hear, but many thanks for the kind reply.

    Cheers :)



    You’re welcome and best wishes.

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