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Weird bug - textbox automatically expands

  1. On one of my blogs I used the slider to make the textbox (the one in which you write/edit posts) longer.

    But when I clicked "Update", there began a major inconvenience.

    Now, whenever I open a New Post or Edit Post, the textbox immediately expands down to its maximum length. You then have to manually make it smaller to put it back at a manageable length.

    Probably is that whenever I open up the screen again, it continues automatically expanding the textbox to its maximum length.

    How do I fix this? Thanks.

  2. I will add that this only affects the blog where I once pulled down the slider to enlarge the textbox. My other blog was not affected by this.

  3. thistimethisspace

    This is a weird thing that macmanx uncovered the cause for awhile back - maybe 2 or so months ago. I tagged this thread for Staff assistance as I don't have the time to search for the thread. Please subscribe to the thread so your are notified when they respond.

  4. Alright, thank you.

  5. To be precise the blog that is having difficulties with this is this one.

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  9. Hi again,
    Yes it is annoying and it affects all users and users who have upgraded their sites. The developers are definitely aware of this issue. I hope you understand that the fix may not happen until the next WordPress upgrade.

  10. Thank you.

    I was not aware it was affecting other users, as I had not seen any other threads about it (and I did search before posting).

    I was just concerned that this issue might get lost among the continuous stream of new posts - hope you understand. Now that you have explained it's a system-wide problem I will stop bumping this topic and eagerly await the next upgrade.


    The problem still exists that the post editor window is forced to 5000 pixels tall because the wp_usermeta -> wp_user-settings -> ed_size value is being set to ed_size=310566666&editor=tinymce&mfold=f or other extremely large value with FireFox 17.0.1 and Chrome 23.0.1271.97 m.

    You can add Internet Explorer 10 to this list as well.

  11. Hi there,
    I do understand your concern about falling between the cracks. People phrase things in different ways and that's why you couldn't find the thread I found and why I still can't find the thread macmanx commented in that I referred to above. This thread is tagged for Staff so I'm sure they will pick up on the IE10 addition too.

  12. Hi there AK,

    Thanks for letting us know - we are aware of this issue. You don't need to bump the thread up once it's modlooked (and that actually makes it appear "newer" to us, and we start with the older threads).

    This is being addressed and the targeted release is the next upgrade of the software. I'm very sorry this is happening to you, and I hope that we can have everything ready to go soon!

    Something that has worked for other users is to start a draft, resize the textbox, then save the draft and close it.

    You may want to try clearing your browser of all cookies and cache as well. Here is more information about how to do that:

    So far, when these solutions work for users, they are temporary, but it may help a little.

    Thank you for your patience!

    Thanks for the help with these, TT.

  13. You're welcome.

  14. Hi all,

    Happy to see that it has been fixed (kind of) on

    How long does it typically take for changes to be transferred to


  15. Alright this seems to have fixed itself.

    I couldn't resize on an empty post before. But what I did (and what worked now) was that I opened an old post, resized the window to my preferred size, saved that post, and then when I opened New Post the post editor window remained at the desired size.

    Thanks to all the respondents to this thread.

  16. Hi AK,

    Thanks so much for posting a solution!

    Merge to .com can take a while, as we try to shake out any kinks first and then merge the code.

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