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Weird followers

  1. In the last hour and a half I've had six new 'people' signing up to follow my blog. All with very long names at like acedopjsandrail and rosellfiwjacquelineysd - not exactly normal. Anyone know what is going on?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I literally pulled up the forum to say the same thing! Within the past few hours I got five followers from Outlook emails- plazanowluisvly@outlook and others like that. Mine is

  3. Same here. Definitely spam.

  4. Thanks! Strange that people would spam follow. What's the point in that, besides being annoying?

  5. They may be trying to get you to follow back. Some people actually follow back without checking out the sites in question.

  6. Two thoughts.....
    Need a way to search the followers and/or sort.
    Need a way to block the followers if suspicious so they don't follow you again.

  7. @ebraiter Please read the links that @timethief has provided for information on removing unwanted followers.

    Do know however that on a publicly visible site, it is not possible to block someone from following you. You can none-the-less report the user as spam on Gravatar by following the link to their Gravatar profile and using the "report abuse" link in the left column. If you don't see the link there, you may need to log in to Gravatar as well.

    Regardless, I've tagged this thread for Staff attention to as to inform them of this issue.

  8. Glad it's not just me. I appreciate that anyone can follow any blog but I don't want an email sent to them from me with every blog post. Thank you timethief for the links. They seem to have stopped now at 9, did think I might wake up to hundreds of them :)

  9. Exactly the same here. All of them email followers, all of them and all of them suspicious looking names. I can't think of a security weakness from this - but going to remove them as followers.

  10. Of note, the follow but I don't see them in my followers.

  11. [Woops] Of note, they follow but I don't see them in my followers.

  12. Mine were in the e-mail section. Which also means that there is no report as spam button or anything like that.

  13. Many thanks for this thread. I also had 6 new followers with long, comment-spammer type email addresses in the past 24 hours. I've seen this before on my self-hosted WordPress sites, but not on Hope is monitoring this thread, as it seems likely they are up to no good. Thanks, timethief, for links on how to remove them, and justjennifer, for flagging the issue.

  14. This happens from time to time and spammers try new tricks. Eventually our anti-spam forces figure out their tricks and defeat them.

  15. d

  16. thelockwoodecho

    I've just discovered the same thing. Noticed my follower numbers had jumped up and they were all in my email followers list. Odd looking email addresses, all yesterday and today, about 6 or 7 of them, just removed them and will do the same if any more appear.

  17. I am having the same issue and figured it was spam, but wanted to make sure there is something I need to do or not do about it. I want to be able to continue to trust WordPress notifications as I already do.

  18. I got one more today on my second blog. Removed it. Interesting to note that my second blog gets almost no traffic because I barely post.

  19. I've received twelve e-mail followers in the last 24 hours or so, all with [email redacted].

    I suspect it may be a method of detecting new posts to enable their spam comments to be sent more efficiently.

    Obviously I don't want to delete genuine followers and like others above, I would be interested to know whether WordPress has any official comment and what other users are suggesting.

  20. All with gibberish e-mail names at

  21. classroomandkitchen

    I came to the forums to look into exactly this. Excuse what may be a silly question from a relative newbie who is not hugely tech savvy. What is the reason to take the time to remove them as followers? I was just planning on ignoring them. Is there a reason not to?


  22. Me too, three spam followers in a day on - hope this is fixed soon WordPress!

  23. I got the same thing. Only three since yesterday, all arriving in my email, but it doesn't show in my notifications. All from outlook. Seems an aggressive spam endeavour.

  24. Getting the same over the last few days, about six of 'em (all of the .outlook address'). Not sure what the point of a bot subscribing to everyone's blogs, seems strange, but obviously widespread.

  25. I also got more of these unwelcome followers yesterday on a second site. They seem to be altering the names to look more normal and less spammy.

  26. fitzcarraldoblog

    I also have had several Email Followers subscribing in the last few days, and they all were from the domain, and they are patently spammers. I've removed them all so far. The e-mail addresses were typically of the following form:

    3 random letters + a Hispanic first name + 3 random letters + a Hispanic surname>+ 3 random [email redacted]

    Now, I can understand why spammers with blogs (often completely empty or containing fatuous posts) become Followers: they want you to visit their blog. But I don't understand why people (or bots) would subscribe to a blog as Email Followers. They don't provide a link, just a bogus e-mail address in the Email Followers list. Could it be that they simply want to be notified whenever you post a blog article so that they can add a spam comment? I can't think of any other reason.

  27. fitzcarraldoblog

    Argghh the forum software has removed some of my above message. The spam e-mail addresses were of the form:

    3 random letters + a Hispanic first name + 3 random letters + a Hispanic surname + 3 random letters + @ + outlook + com

  28. Hi there!

    Sorry If I am interrupting everything — but you guys aren't the only ones seeing this.

    I’ve seen this happening a lot lately, and seen many topics on the public forums. Please read this article, as it will explain how to get further in contacting someone to resolve this.

    Also — If you have a site with a paid upgrade, you can get access to Live chat support so we don’t keep seeing a lot of posts about spam and weird emails. This may be an issue, and spammers always look for ways to make users follow back.

    Sorry for any interrupting — but I wanted to make this statement.


  29. Yep, so I got.... seven more. All deleted now. But yeah, there's no blog to follow back! They are e-mail followers.
    I have to wonder if these are legit e-mails. It's a bot filling in e-mail addresses, but what if they don't exist?



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