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    That’s great news! Thank you for all your hard work lizkarkoski


    Hey there – I’d love to take credit but it’s not me, it’s our developers who are working on this :)



    I too have been receiving daily notifications from spammers following my blog with outlook emails. However, I only found 2 in my followers/email followers. This started around the same time as this thread started. Is this an issue we can address WordPress to fix?



    lizkaroski – since you seem so intent on answering the complaints of others, then why not answer mine?

    Why not just institute an “I am not a robot” captcha for new subscribers to press and eliminate this problem once and for all? This is the third time I’ve asked this question.



    I’ve had the same on my blog site. 12 in just a couple of days and more coming.



    Ditto, only this has been going on for months – a slow trickle.



    How does one initiate a captcha for new followers?


    With respect WordPress but this has been going on long enough and no concrete resolution appears to be forthcoming apart from repeated reassurances. The email follower notifications just keep on coming. I’ve read so many times that your developers are working on the issue that I am now coming to the conclusion that perhaps WordPress needs to hire a new bunch of techies to get to the bottom of this? Your users / customers deserve a 100% cast-iron guarantee that their accounts are safe but while this continues I’m sorry to say that I don’t think they will accept your reassurances.



    None of the recent outlook followers are showing up here. If I just delete that email without opening it, does that prevent any problems from their phishing expedition?



    I should have said none of the outlook followers are showing up in my stats. This is clearly a spam technique. Does ignoring the email notification prevent problems?



    There is no “follow back” option on these emails. If you click on the name, you are setting up a reply to their email. Not doing that anymore.



    There is no “follow back” option on these emails. If you click on the name, you are setting up a reply to their email. Not doing that anymore.



    Every day getting at least 1 new spam follower. Can’t see all of them in my email followers. Darn!


    Yes it seems nothing has been done..still getting those “subscribers”.



    There is no harm to your site. Do not follow those email subscribers back.
    Remove followers



    I have had the same problems for months and I would estimate that I have received hundreds of these .outlook spam e-mail followers. About 80% gets filtered now but 20% gets through. This ’email follower’ notification pops up my e-mail account everyday and it’s basically just spam now.

    I want to completely disable e-mail followers (not delete my existing genuine followers but stop all possible future subscription by e-mail) but there does not seem to be a way to do this.

    Can you advise how this can be done? I am at the end of my tether here. I know there is no harm but WordPress should understand how annoying and frustrating this is. I’ve gone to a point where I don’t even want genuine e-mail followers anymore.




    Same here, from a few months been receiving email notifications about new email-followers from but they not on the list. In last weeks I got more fake subscribers. I’m not sure what to think about it but looks fishy to me.



    timethief, for the first several strange outlook followers I received, it worked to go to the list of email followers and remove them. However, for the last few weeks, I’ve been getting notices of these followers in my email, but when I go to the list of email followers, they are not listed there. They are truly phantom followers, and I’d like to be free of them. Is there anything else I can do? Thank you.



    I am seeing the same thing on my site. Lots of email followers but they are not showing up when I try to remove them. This has been going on for weeks on a site I have not been active on for quite some time.



    So now your weird Outlook spammer follower problem has turned into a weird Outlook spammer of comment sections problem.

    91 Outlook Spam comments in a SINGLE DAY.

    I would suggest WP tech support immediately disable the comment notifications for blogger email because this is going to cause big problems for them with their email accounts and possibly with their email providers.

    WordPress needs to be a little more proactive because it looks like someone is trying to sabotage WordPress itself by harassing your customers/clients.

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