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    Been getting the same thing – but only three in one day. Kinda annoying but guess it’s better than some others. I’m not seeing any comments from them. Just subscribers/followers.


    Hi everyone,

    Our developers are continuing to remove and block these spam followers — which is why they may not be appearing in your Followers list.

    Thanks for your patience.


    I am still getting this outlook spam followers daily. What should I do? How do I remove/block them when I am not even able to view them in my email followers list. Is there any way I can remove the option of following through email ?

    Here’s my blog


    me too at which has been inactive for many months now



    Hi, Gemma. And day after day, although I continue to ask, you are continuing to ignore me.

    This problem can be COMPLETELY SOLVED by including an “I am not a robot” capcha for new subscribers. Your developers don’t need four months to implement that. If they do, you should fire them all.

    Why are you not implementing this? Why do you continue to ignore this request?


    thank you jgroub. Where do we get this captcha thing from?



    Jane – I don’t think “we” get it from anywhere. I think “they” = WordPress – have to install it on the site. Why they don’t is a mystery to me.

    And even though I’ve asked this question three times now, they refuse to answer me. What’s up with that?

    – Jon


    Hi jgroub,

    You aren’t being ignored — our developers have access to this forum thread and will see your captcha suggestion for new subscribers.



    Gemma, thank you for responding.

    But it doesn’t take four months to realize that a captcha would stop this problem cold. Especially for a “developer”. What has been going on? Why not just implement the captcha and be done with it?

    – Jon


    Hi Jon,

    Work on resolving this issue is handled by our development team. I am not a developer so I’m unable to provide more information about the technical reasons for how new subscribers are currently managed. But I can report instances of this issue and share updates as and when I have them. I appreciate this is an annoyance but the updates in this thread are all the information I have for now.



    So. Gemma, just to be clear:

    1. This is a problem that has been going on for four months, both by the age of this thread and by my own personal experience with this problem.

    2. In those four months, your development team, such as it is, has not figured out that using a captcha would stop this problem cold.

    3. In those four months, you have not communicated with the development team as to what they are doing to combat this problem so as to be able to tell us here.

    Is any of that information incorrect?

    – Jon


    Well articulated Jon. I think it’s time for WordPress to make a public statement about this issue, it’s clearer affecting many people. Especially if something as simple as a captcha would most likely resolve the annoyance.



    I’m getting exactly the same thing – usually two at a time although they seemed to be coming faster now.

    I’d like WordPress to implement a solution please.

    A captcha would be good, i think





    Sorry, that should have been



    I don’t want to hurt anyone’s sentiments here. I also love Captcha protection but that doesn’t solve the issue here. These spam followers are not visiting our blogs to follow us. They must be using some sort of software/ program to do this and it’s very easy to bypass Captcha using a software. Just Google “how to bypass captcha” and you’ll know what I mean.


    I’ve been part of this conversation since the beginning and from what I’ve read the developers ARE aware of this and have been working on it. It first happened to me in January and wordpress got on it and for several months, at least on my blogs, it stopped. It just started again a few weeks ago. So it’s an evolving problem. If it were simple to fix, I’m sure it would have happened back in January.

    I am about to filter my emails so all those notices will go straight to an archive (or trash) instead of cluttering up my mailbox. I’m still subscribed to his thread so I’ll be aware of any updates, but I won’t have those daily notices getting under my skin every day.

    Thanks wordpress. I know you’re not really a “they”, but regular people doing your jobs the best you can.


    I’ve been having this issue, too, over the past few months.


    I’m having the same issue still, and some of the email names are quite disturbing.



    I am about to filter my emails so all those notices will go straight to an archive (or trash) instead of cluttering up my mailbox.

    For now that is the best strategy, yes. It’s taking long to get this blocked, as these followers are not using a fixed pattern – the email addresses are seemingly random – and we cannot just block all email addresses as that would also block legitimate followers.

    So until we figure out how to completely block these, filtering or disabling the emails so they don’t clutter up your inbox and otherwise just ignoring them is the best way to go.


    some of the email names are quite disturbing

    The emails we’ve seen so far are completely random. Can you please share some of the emails you’re speaking of that are disturbing? Please paste each email address on its own line when you reply.


    I have been getting these for a few months now. Most are caught before they make it to my follower list, however, one or two seem to get through. Usually they disappear on their own, but a few don’t and I’ve deleted them. I am concerned that I am deleting genuine followers, although I guess it is unlikely as they have all been outlook emails with weird addresses.

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