Weird incoming "link" to my private blog

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    I hope I can explain this weird situation clearly enough to be understood. I noticed yesterday, in my private blog’s dashboard stats, a referral from another WP blog. This concerned me because the users of this blog have agreed not to post links to it anywhere, so I clicked on the link to the referral. Nowhere on that blog page could I find an active link back to my blog. BUT the weird thing is, if I point my cursor to any blank spot on that blog’s pages, I can see in the status bar that it points to my private blog’s stats page! If you click on any of these blanks spots, nothing happens … but then how does it show in my dashboard that I had referrals from that blog?

    The blog I need help with is



    I have flagged this thread for Staff attention and as your blog is “private” I’m requesting the links be removed. This is a public forum that anyone on the interest can access. Every thread here is almost instantly indexed by Google and the other search engines too. Please contact Staff by email with your details using this email address with spaces removed support @


    Thank you, Timethief.



    You’re welcome.

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