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Weird issue with the font-size

  1. Hi, does anyone know why does the font change in size when viewing the post in a single mode? It seems to grow at least one point and thus breaks the consistency of the layout.

    Here's an example: and then compare the font to the homepage font

    Really bizarre problem to which I haven't found yet an solution.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Single post content "p" font size set here.

    .widecolumn .entry p {
    font-size: 1.05em;

    Main page content "p" font size set here.

    #content {
    font-size: 1.2em;
  3. Thanks for the reply,

    I tried to change the values to match each other but it seemed to have no effect whatsoever.

    Perhaps the built-in font-editor is overriding the css or something?

  4. Add the "!important" attribute to each and see if that fixes it.

    .widecolumn .entry p {
    font-size: 1.05em !important;
    #content {
    font-size: 1.2em !important;
  5. Yes sir, that did the trick!

    I have, though, no idea how those different measures (1.05em / 1.2em) can result in equal font sizes, but I can live with that :)

    Thanks again,


  6. em units are in relationship to a size declaration in a parent element (sort of like using a percentage). Two different parent elements, two different font sizes declared in those parent elements, thus two different results.

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