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    My site has a weird problem. The “sidebar” column combines with the post column at the bottom and that’s not what I want.

    When I view each post by its self (pressing the comments link) everything looks fine. But when their all together the front page looks like a mess.

    I think it is my last recent post. But I need someone to fix this. Thanks :)


    Since the problem only happens on the front page (going to older posts is OK) there is something in one of your posts on your first page that is causing the problem.

    Have you pasted something into one of the front page posts off of a website, or perhaps from Microsoft Word?


    It appears to be in the first paragraph in your latest post. In particular, it appears like it’s in the area of “that it will be worth remembering.” It appears as if a font tag has been applied several time to that part of the sentence.

    Also, I would suggest turning the snowflake thing off as it is severely slowing down your page. I had to turn it off on mine as well or it brought my computer to a crawl and it is a 2.16GHz core 2 duo with mondo computing power.



    nod to tsp,

    You’ve got something wrong in the way you seem to have used the font properties. I believe some tag was left open somewhere so you might want to check that.

    And yeah, turn the snow off if you’re not too much in love with it because it’s making my Firefox almost crash and burn.


    Yeah, I think the snow storm needs a little work.



    Thus far I believe there are only three themes with “no sidebars defined” and when you select it and click on Presentation -> Widgets this is the message that you see:

    You are seeing this message because the theme you are currently using isn’t widget-aware, meaning that it has no sidebars that you are able to change. For information on making your theme widget-aware, please follow these instructions.

    Suuposedly Clean, Ambiru and Green Marinee lack widgets.



    typo: that should be “Supposedly Clean”



    I think it is my latest post that is the error, because I have set my options to view all my posts on the front page 1 at a time, and everything looks fine but that one.

    But when I look at my latest post alone it looks fine. I’m not even sure why.


    I’m having the same problem!

    Tell me if you get it figured out. Although I did past from Word, I dont think that is the problem as I tried removing all formatting, but that didn’t help.



    I’ve seen this problem repeat on a few of my friend’s blogs, and also a few here. Since wordpress support is not open. Many of us still desperately need help.

    My code is still correct, I just checked it by hand and using standards…



    I turned off falling snow but that does not fix the problem…



    I would like to suggest that you simply switch to another theme and see what happens. Then you can try switching back.



    I’ve switched to about 4 themes, (Benevolence, Fjords04, Contempt, and Kubrik) but they all make the same error. The only one that doesn’t show the error is the Day Dream theme, but that is if only I put NO widgets…



    Pretty awkard. Did wordpress just fix it, cause as of now I am previewing a few layouts and it seems like it’s being resolved?



    (the preview) is still displaying the error.

    a few more layouts (had to remove the preview)
    is displaying the error

    But my old few layouts
    the one column layout (Currently displayed on my main page)
    are not displaying any errors.

    I would like to clarify that this is happening with NO widgets, just the standard ones if you didn’t customize the sidebar.


    The problem is in your first post. I can see it with Firebug when I “inspect” that post. The thing is though I’m not going to spend the time going through all of it and straightening it out for you. There is code in there that is repeated several times in a row, and font tags that don’t do any thing and the list goes on. It needs to be stripped of all formatting and then formatted again.



    I have no idea what staff are doing. None of the volunteers do – ever. Staff do monitor forum threads and eventually your issue will it will be resolved by them. Volunteers do not have backend access to blogs and posting over and over to multiple forum threads does not change that.
    Best wishes for a happy ending :)



    Ok I’ll redo the code then.
    Is firebug a firefox addon? Cause I’d like to install it.



    IMO you are self creating the problem and it’s not at all a technical issue. It seems you are copying and pasting into your posts because all kinds of irrelevant font tags, etc. are appearing in the code. I would edit each post and use icon 16 G to remove all formatting



    I’ll mark this as resolved, because I see my error. I accidentally deleted the </div> from the end of every post and I think that messed the whole thing up.
    Thanks everone.

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