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Weird line in Sidebar

  1. I bought my costum CSS and have everything completly done except one thing. For some reason there is a bar that I can't figure out how to get rid of. My blog name is and the bar I am referring to is the white line. I want to get completly rid of that. I know you can do it because has no white bar.

  2. chewypupforever

    Another Club Penguin no0b who cant do anything I guess.
    Im not for sure, and I am not going to go test my css this instant to find which one edits that. Check the CSS Customization forum. Or contact mike on aim. I will post his aim on your blog, but you are to delete the comment. I dont want people to spam him.

  3. Chewy, your comment has added nothing helpful to the discussion. Please don't post in the forums unless you are actually answering the question.

    @yuille38. What theme are you using?

  4. i am using silver is the new black

  5. any help, if i get this im done, only thing idont know

  6. add this to your css
    h2.widgettitle {border-bottom:none;}

  7. Which white bar is it?

  8. Yes it may help if you specify what white bar it is :|

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