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Weird link in my 'clicks' section

  1. In the "clicks" section, on my dashboard, the only URL that was apparently clicked on leads to some teen sex videos website???

    How come? I have posted no links of this kind on my blog... Where does this come from?

    Should i post that bizarre link here, or email it someone in particular?

    I clicked on it earlier on, and my browser froze, so I don't wanna go back there. It seemed to give a list of videos.

  2. Do you have "Possibly Related Posts" turned on?

  3. We could try find out what it is if you post a "crippled" version of the link. like this: hxxp://

  4. OK, call me dumb, but how do i post a "crippled" version of the link, and what does it mean?

    I used to have the Quentin theme, where the related posts showed up. I've switched to Cutline, and they disappeared; is it possible that Cutline doesn't offer this feature?
    I've gone to 'design --> extras, and there's no box to tick there.

  5. Actually - I discovered a similar thing, except that the link that was apparently clicked had the name of another member here - one I'm not linked to. I have never visited her blog, either. And when I clicked it, got back to my own dash. So I'm not worried, as this seems pretty harmless, but I would not be keen to get the sort of things salomey5 talks about (that sort of site we do not mention by name, for fear of all the wrong attention :-)
    Oh, and I think what deltafoxtrot means, is that you post the link with "wrong" letters in the initial http:// - his example being hxxp.

  6. .....on second thought -maybe not- that makes no sense. Await instructions from DF, maybe.

  7. I'm sorry to come across as a complete ignoramus, but who's DF?

    Thanks for your replies BTW, and yeah, I'm not keen on the idea of having links to teen porn on my blog at all.

  8. hehe- sorry, DF is just my busy shorthand for deltafoxtrot :-)

  9. Here are some possibilities:

    1) it was some Adsense thing that we can't see because we're signed in. is running Adsense on our blogs under certain conditions
    2) for boblets: it was probably another blogger just going back to her dashboard via the admin bar.

  10. Thanks you guys, although I'm still not clear on what happened there...

    Should I report this link, do you think?

  11. I have no idea, unfortunately. I still believe it's best if you post the "crippled" link, to have our opinions.

    By "crippled" I mean altering it in way that it won't work when clicked, but not too much (we need to reconstruct and inspect it, of course). For example, a link to my blog would be changed to

  12. raincoaster -duh! haha, do I feel silly now. Many thanks.
    (glad I got the crippled idea right at least. Gorgeous kitty, salomey5.)

  13. Ah, your the famous DF? ;)

    OK, let me have shot at crippling this thing...


    Did I do that OK?

  14. Thanks boblets, lol!

    However, I must admit, i do not know that kitty personally. I found his pic on the internets, and I thought he was a good-looking little guy, who could make for a great avatar, until I get around to take a half decent picture of myself (which probably will never happen, because for some reason, I always look like a complete twit on pictures...)

  15. Wow. Mature spam, all in one go.

    This particular one is spam. When you run across one of these on, you can report it as Spam (Blog Info > Report as spam from the admin bar). They'll usually delete a blog like this pretty quickly.

    If you run across a non-spam blog that's just not fit for kids, you can also report it as mature from the admin bar, and they'll evaluate it for removal from the various generated links.

  16. Thanks for your help guys.

    I've reported this thingy as spam, like singularcontiguity suggested.

    Hopefully, this was just a one of.

  17. I would guess this was my #2 suggestion, since it's another wordpress blogger. Or was.

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