Weird links have suddenly appeared, but I have no spam

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    My blog stats are suddenly showing that someone has clicked on some links on my site to a WordPress blog for gay African-Americans. I am quite unfamiliar with this other blog and I have not put in any links to it myself. I can’t find where these links even are on my blog that someone has clicked on. There is nothing in my spam queue. Ideas, anyone?

    The blog I need help with is



    I had a similar problem with links for teen porn (how great is that?!) on my blog a few months ago, and again a couple of weeks ago.

    Could be a link in your “related posts” maybe?

    What I was told when it happened to me, was that if the link contains questionable material, which was my case, just report it to staff.
    I did that and shortly afterwards, I got notified that the blog had been deleted.

    You may also want to check your comments. Twice, someone posted a “X-large boobs” YouTube video in my comments. I marked it at spam and it stopped after that.

    If you can’t find where that link comes from, I suggest you contact support. They’ve been very helpful with me.



    Sometimes those links come from the Adsense that WP occasionally runs on our blogs. In that case you’ll never see the links and be unable to trace them.


    Thanks for your ideas. I think maybe it’s the Adsense that’s causing it. I’ve looked through my comments and I don’t think there’s anything there, and it’s not the “possibly related posts” as far as I can figure out.

    I’m going to just wait and see if it happens again, but hope it’s just a nonrecurring glitch.

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