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    Rarely have I received pingbacks, except my own. In the past week I received one from an inactive blog, and one from a 2008 blog. In my opinion, neither had much relevance to what I posted. Do you know if this is related to the automatically generated similar posts by WordPress at the end of my blog post that I never see (but other viewers do see)? Is this something of concern, or should I just continue to ignore an delete them? How does this happen? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


    Anyone? I know what a pingback is. Is this spam and how did it get in?



    Pingbacks occur when another site links to content in your site.
    If you do not find any value in the site that’s linking to yours, and/or is it appears to be a splog (spam blog) or has links to bad neighborhood sites, and/or if you do not believe that posting the pingback will result in sending your readers to another high quality site then delete the pingback.


    Thank you. I did read your articles.



    I operate of the when in doubt about any pingback or comment don’t approve it principal. You’re welcome and best wishes with your blog. :)

    P.S. Your blog is looking good and I love your landscape paintings. :)


    Now I know what to do.
    Thanks for the compliment about my blog, TT.



    You’re welcome. Your paintings are fabulous. :)

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