Weird “pingback” – Am I Being Spammed?

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    I just got an email saying that I had a “new pingback” to my recent blog post. Here’s the link to my posting – you’ll see the comment, which i guess is the “pingback.”

    The comment is weird and it attributes my post to someone named Phillip Longmire – and links back to a blog that has somehow aggregated and is now displaying my post. That weird site is here:

    What is this? Is it spam? I’m coping the email I received below:

    [Jack Teddy & Us] Pingback: “Hard Core.”
    From: » Hard Core. ((email redacted))
    High risk This message may be dangerous. Learn more
    Sun 1/06/08 12:27 AM
    To: deleted for provacy

    New pingback on your post #182 “Hard Core.”
    Website: » Hard Core. (IP: ,
    URL :
    […] […] Phillip Longmire wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptSo Clay and Roz say I’m hard core because I bled through my shoe during this morning’s 7 mile run and didn’t even notice it until after brunch. I say my standards of hygiene and self-care must be dramatically lower than I thought. The weird part is, I can’t figure out what caused the bleeding or where it came from – Chuck has a theory, but I’ll spare you the gruesome details. I won’t, however, spare you the gruesome photo documentation of my hard core-ness. I’m too proud! […] […]

    You can see all pingbacks on this post here:

    Delete it:
    Spam it:



    You haven’t been spammed. You’ve been splogged. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do except ask the ‘blogger’ to remove the content and the link, if there’s contact information and usually there is not. Here’s one thread on the issue and if you enter the word splog in the forum search box you’ll have plenty to read:


    It’s frustrating, but it can be even worse. At least they’re linking back to you. Many don’t even do that.



    …so what’s their goal? do they just want content for their site so they can get eyeballs on their adwords? is the only traffic to their sites created by people like me who are checking out who is posting their material?



    it loks like the site in particular is powered by wordpress? can wordpress shut it down?



    What they are doing is simple. They would like you to accept this pingback as a comment. Doing so would put a link to their site on your site in the hope that people will follow the link from your comments section.
    It’s a form of legal piracy.
    My advice? Delete it, or mark it as spam.



    thanks – i appreciate the info. mean people suck, huh?



    It’s not actually legal, particularly as they attribute it to someone who is not the author.



    The same thing has happened to me, seconds after I published a new post. I’m curious, like sandy13–what exactly is the point of driving traffic to their site when it’s just aggregated randomness. There are no ads on the site, no nothing. What is their goal? Are they installing malware on my computer when I visit their site?

    here is their blog (a wordpress blog)

    here’s my original post

    it’s just a pointless rambling personal blog. I just don’t get it, but it seems intrusive and utterly pointless.

    sandy13 you’re 1/2 right…it’s stupid people that suck…because stupid is what this splogging thing is.



    Generally the goal is to put ads around it; they just haven’t gotten to it yet.



    fo sho, gyozamonsta.



    if you link to a previous post in your own blog, it also will come up as a comment in the previous post. So the first comment is from a pet blog site pingback and the second to the last comment posted from [the title of the my post that linked to this older entry]. followed by my own comment about it.

    i think it’s a wordpress thing and not a splogging scheme

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