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Weird Search Engine Terms

  1. daintydarlings

    What are some weird search engine terms people use to find your blogs?
    I think the weirdest one I got was "most prettiest Japanese girl."

    The blog I need help with is

  2. LOL-
    So far:
    "women blow s*** out of proportion"
    "dating an a**hole"
    "a**hole that never calls you back"

    Funny- I only have one post about dating lol....

  3. "Mango Porno"

  4. LOL! Wth kind of porn are you publishing Raincoaster. heehee

  5. wither keanu reeves and word press or cheerleading jumpsuits!! crazy people...

  6. meant 'either', not wither. lol...

  7. Ranked highly on Google search for 'Foto seksi Miyabi' (hot Miyabi photo) when I have no actual pic of her at all but some drunken granny. LOL

  8. oh holy shit. no kidding. someone searched that on my blog. wierdos.

  9. "i ate hot links and i dont have energy a"

    I have no idea which blog post that search engine term linked to and I dont think I want to know.

  10. oh and, "can use bra in school?"

    I'm pretty sure whoever searched that term didn't find their answer when visiting my blog.

  11. “Hand job in class”
    Lmao I have no idea how that relates to my blog but it’s been searched twice now. It’s nice someone made this, I’d been meaning to talk about that search term hahahaha.
    lol none of these searches seem to make anysense to our blogs.

  12. pornstarbabylon

    Forgot the exact wording but something about how to properly use a tampon. You're joking right??

  13. Doesn’t the box sort of tell you how to do that? I’ve never bothered to examine one but I would think it would.

  14. every search term i have, minus the oh holy shit one, and the cheerleading jumpsuits one, have been about christmas. like, even from before i christmas-ified my blog!

  15. 'club penguin' and 'modern warfare 2 secrets'.

  16. Sorry for being late, unexpected acquaintances, heartburn or "acid reflux"
    Who Googles that stuff? And “reflUx”? really people?

  17. Maybe not werid but funny as hell
    "how bats breathe"

  18. There are some odd people out there...

    "nudemodels with milk oozing out"

  19. "why people think I'm gay"
    Do I look like I'd have the answer to that? Unless you ask me personally I don't have any answer for you at all.

  20. Oh, l am so glad to read this thread. l thought it was just me attracting some pretty weird types.
    Some have been:
    pepper dog beniuk
    making love to aunt
    f****** pigs
    And some others that l'm far too shy to post up here but very kinky!

  21. my living room" blogspot, kid "had to pee" squirm.
    What in the world? Honestly now. Kid had to pee squirm? Come on now people, why are you Googling these things?

  22. I collect them in my sidebar. The list is long: easyjet crashing in to big ben; man ice skating on a canal; derbyshire nude grannies; horse brushes; "little red book" mao 1968; panty dresden zwinger; disneyfication; hot air balloon cappadocia göreme; ancient ice hockey; all about camel penis; pictures of a girl brushing a horse; skating on canals in holland; dutch canal winter skating; panties bicycle; naked girls from squamish; cave dwellings of cappadocia; quitting blogging; dangers of ipods in saunas; im so british i shit the queen; landscape artist crack london; charlotte roach author of wetlands; elvis nude; make bike look crappy; angela merkel naked in the sauna; nude olive run video clip; the voice of the dead sheep; the queen; paris german occupation diary girl; hagenbeck; chess and hitler; crack tate; nacked pictures of girls with tube breasts; garbage in rivers; wooden chests turkey; greenland girls nude blogs; queen elizabeth queen of fucking everything; the self you have to live with, winfred; Prince Rupert BC recipe sex in a pan; In Sauna Hall I must married from women nude beautiful,and living inside; hazing nude olive run buttocks; nude klingons; canada most toxic waste dump flute player; gary giggles fall in camel poop; make your own shank out of a toothbrush; the day my bum exploded; ryanair naked crew; how do i make my tamagotchi have sex; canadian skier ian; the meat of the gorilla; putrid paranoia; why canadian are idiot; greenland copulating; I am a Swedish woman in sauna; sauna Americans uptight; Skunk families in Montreal; my wife has me whipped; second-life spanking; things to alleviate cramp; Angela Merkels butt; photos of naked ladies; 12 year-old buying condoms; jobless bum; how do you get this damn thing to stop blinking; amsterdam red light ex porn berth fuck; what if the world stops spinning; mausi naked; total shaved in German saunas?; camel dung hash; cuddly butt; whip me bloody; spanking ham; think spain oliver shanti; zoo animals with buggy eyes; monocle magazine is shit; goon gut babies; sex in a wheelchair pictures; her oldest got sprayed by a skunk; Pictures of Zoo animals copulating; screaming granny sound; photos of spanking all over europe; is nine too young to have a baby?; american females in german saunas; my wife has histrionic personality disorder; my wife whips me when i disobey

  23. Sorry, some of that is nsfw

  24. This search term landed someone on my blog "poop funny" I do have posts tagged with "Funny"

  25. “can weed had people”
    I wrote a post about weed yesterday and I already have hit from it. I should probably take it down but it’s the most-commented-on post I’ve got.

  26. wow. can weed had people. was the person high when they searched that?? lol...
    i keep getting hits from mystery google, but i've only entered my blog adress once. odd...

  27. Here's a great one from today on my stats.
    "I wanna be a ninja"

  28. "aliens in yucca valley"

  29. my husband is jealous

    hahahaahahh i was like wtf

  30. beatiful lines on stupid peoples
    i think who ever wrote this shouldn't be calling anyone stupid for a while. at least until they learn how to spell.

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