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Weird Search Engine Terms

  1. i am dating an a**hole- (admitting there's a problem is the first step lmfao)
    women blow shit out of proportion- (not sure what scientific proof you are searching for on that one but whatever lol)
    a**hole that never call you back- (I wonder if he ever called)
    noone taking me serious- (I know the feeling rofl)
    i regret my huge tattooo- (you too??)
    f**k it- (my thoughts exactly)
    stockpile food hide 2009- (I wonder how many of us think about stockpiling food at 3 in the morning haha)
    how to ditch an a**hole- (as if there is some sort of strategy involved)
    i f****d my ex kristi- (I swear I am not his Kristi lol)
    do i have dumb and stupid written on my- (seemingly so if you have to google it)

  2. “How much can you sell one ounce of white willow weed for”
    That’s the newest addition. Lmao I think it’s one of the funniest too.

  3. "guy on motorcycle texting sues over pelican"

  4. "she makes me go to church"

    I feel bad for this person...

  5. I get a lot of weird ones. Seem to be combinations of words that I've used separately in my blog. this weeks oddities include..

    witch hand writing
    dead mermaids in backet [did they mean bucket?]
    pictures of the inside of a bank [potential bank robbers??]
    american giant six fingered
    patient admission icon

  6. Okay who the hell is looking up dead mermaids!?!

  7. @bats0711, I got a "dead mermaid in the water" today. When I checked on Google it seemed there was a weird hoax spreading on the web about a dead mermaid being discovered after a tsunami in Malaysia or the Philippines! But if the mermaid was in a bucket, would have to be pretty small fish

  8. Here's the latest one. Isn't it freakin hilarious? why would you even google this lol?
    "why is my sister such a dumbass?"

  9. "squat pee woods" is the newest. WTF?

  10. Ok seruously, Why are people googling these things? "caught my sister peeing in woods" and why is it leading them to my blog?

  11. The one I got weekly in Christmas season was "I hate Santa" but that's the name of one of my pages. Now I get "am I materialistic" often and once I got, "am I albino?"

  12. i shall never post about mlia ever again. that post was short, and meaningless, and gets more traffic then any other post i've made, minus the abortion one!!! grr...

  13. More "interesting" ones.... This makes me glad to have a blog and not a profile on OkCupid. I think I would attract all the horny serial killers.

    bdsm basement

    he licks and sucks his fingertips

    nude "slaughterhouse"

  14. glee auditions is the newest one. the search in itself isn't so wierd, but rather the fact that i posted that post at... around 2am, i believe? who honestly searches for glee audition info at 2am???

  15. "asymmetrical hair hipster" ??
    "money bills"


  16. 'why are poeple condescending to me?' probably because you can't spell.

  17. pez dispenser 2010

  18. here's an exotic one,
    i fuck drunk spet mom


  19. i have no words to say in reply to that, bats. None.

  20. "How do I find a single woman for my valentine" --> got this today... HA HA

  21. "fear of people inside walls"

  22. OMG I'd be so freaked out lianamerlo. hahaha, but then, what did you write that brought on those kinds of searchs?
    I've gotten a huge amount of traffic from my Fourth Kind reveiw. Which I wrote about a week after it came out.

  23. "why does my bunny rabbit stare at the wall"

  24. 'i hate josh groban', and 'zachary quinto gay' funny, because i happen to adore both of these guys, and say so frequently. whoever was searching this must have been ever so disappointed.

  25. "goddamnit! why can't i have sex?!"
    Maybe because you're spending the evening googling about it and not trying to go meet someone?

  26. "greece girls umder armpits"

    That's a direct quote.

  27. shesboxingclever

    @block therapy I thought about you today, I was shaving my pits, cut myself, and the first thing that went through my head was "fuck, she's right! Why the hell do I do this??"

    Just uh, thought you'd like to know ;P

  28. @shesboxing Haha exactly!! I considered shaving my little tuft the other day, but then decided the job needed more than just a razor. Whewww.

  29. "graham cracker and frosting sandwiches" and "i love my armpit hair"

  30. pornstarbabylon

    I still occasionally get "how to use a tampon". Don't know why and I don't want to know why it leads to my blog. lol

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