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Weird Search Engine Terms

  1. Some people here have had some really weird search engine terms...i am quite new so mine will probably mount up over time. My weirdest so far was "a restless beast gives me" not as weird as some i know, but still kind of weird. I'm still wondering just what it is the restless beast gives this person!!

  2. So far, the weirdest I got was kao┼čiki.
    No idea what that mean...

  3. thought screen helmet

  4. animal human mating

    ...I don't want to know.

  5. ben 10 hentai

  6. Awesome thread!!!

    my weirdest one might be 'Mongolian girls' since I never wrote a post to do with Mongolian girls at all. Huh.

    Also, my most successful one is "magpie egg". I posted a Mongolian animal tale about a fox who keeps eating the eggs of a magpie until a mouse saves the day. And I posted a picture of a magpie egg along with it. I always wonder what people think when they realize that they landed in a blog about folktales... Heh.

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