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    I know I’ve read somewhere that WP stats might not always “add up” if we try to do the math, but this puzzles me:

    Today I noticed at noon that I already had 233 hits on an older post (“The dragon roared, Colo. Springs burned”).

    In the search terms, there are exactly 233 searches for the long phrase “waldo canyon fire map burned homes.”

    And under Referrers, there are exactly 233 searches originating from Yahoo Image Search.

    This strikes me as an extremely unlikely convergence/coincidence of numbers. Readers of a given post usually arrive via several referrers, using similar but not exactly the same search terms.

    Statcounter shows I have only 2 hits today on that post, both from the same person. These were an hour apart, the interval I set for unique visits.

    I don’t know what’s going on but thought it might be a malfunction or bug that WP wants to look into. I’m unhappy because (a) it looks odd, possibly suspicous and (b) it’s going to badly skew my stats on hits today and hits on that particular post.

    Is there any way this could happen normally?

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s actually normal, we’ve seen the same behavior from Yahoo Image Search periodically.

    I think they have a bit of a misconfiguration on their end.



    Thanks. I wondered where the problem originated.



    You’re welcome!

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