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    There are some weird symbols and code showing in my sidebar comments. I’m guessing the &# is code referring to comment number so-and-so. But the symbol showing in some other comments looks like a dark vertical slab with a white dot in the middle; I’ve never seen anything like it. It seems to be happening only with the newest comments, and it shows with both IE7 and Firefox.

    My URL is I’m currently using the Connections theme, but recently have been experimenting with others, including White as Milk, Regulus (yes, I clicked the button to clear its formatting), and MistyLook. I’m guessing all the switching around messed up something. I’ve tried changing settings, removing and reinstalling the Comments widget, clearing my caches. Weird. Any suggestions?


    Where exactly are these symbols showing up? I just looked at your site and can’t see any weird symbols in the sidebar. Safari and Firefox on Mac.


    Looks a-ok in Opera9, IE6, and FF.


    Perhaps it is, or was a caching issue since the sidebars are cached.



    Bummer. I still see them. But if you guys don’t, maybe nobody else does either. Thanks for taking a look.



    Oops. Sacred, they show up in the Comments widget in the sidebar. Normally each comment ends with a truncated post title followed by an ellipsis. Instead of the ellipsis, I’m seeing what I described above.


    Ahhh, I see it now. It’s the single-quote mark in the title that is causing it. I would pass this on to staff on Thursday as it shouldn’t be happening in my opinion. (Mon-Fri 8am-4pm Pacific time) or using the “support” button in the upper right of your dashboard.

    Do note the holiday hours posted here:

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